Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, October 04, 2019

Events are moving so quickly that changes must come soon that will be for the betterment of Mankind. The old guard will not give up their remaining power of control without a fight, but there are new energies gaining strength that will ensure evolution continues as intended. There are many souls waiting to introduce new ways of living, that will help remove the need for labour intensive operation. You have been held back for far too long and now it is time for beneficial inventions to be released that will give you more time to follow your own interests. Changes never come easily, yet come they will and nothing will be allowed to halt their introduction.
Realise that the unrest throughout the world is a sure sign that people are restless, and either know or sense that they are entitled to a better life and seek the changes that will bring it about. From our side of the veil we know the potential that awaits you that will give you a great upliftment. It saddens our hearts to see so much suffering on Earth, yet it need not continue and we are doing all we can to assist you. We say again, that the old paradigm finished with the advent of the New Age, so you must focus on all that is good and desirable to bring it fully into manifestation.
Understand that you have much more power to achieve your goals than you realise. You do of course get help from us and other advanced civilisations that have your interests at heart. So do not give up and visualise all that is good and you will help it come into being. Be assured that when the time is right for your advancement we stand alongside you giving every encouragement. We have seen all of these changes previously and know what help you need so that you keep focussed on your goal.
Humanity is not unique and many older civilisations have successfully gone through what you now face, and they are aware of the problems. You may not see them around you, but you will feel their energy and sense their presence. They come in love to help their brothers and sisters through the lower vibrations so that you can take your place in the higher vibrations. They will bring peace to you and in your moments of meditation they can influence you, so that you know what to do next, but with the best will in the world they cannot present you with help until you are ready or have asked for it.
You are a very young civilisation that has only just recently awakened to your true potential, and you will be aware that you are far more than your body because you are a spiritual being. Your history goes back a long, long way, and you have experienced so many different lives that you now stand as an old experienced soul. Nevertheless you are unaware of them at present as such memories are held back so that in your present life you can experience without any distractions. One day yet to come you will be given your true “history” and undoubtedly you will be amazed and astonished.
Eternal life comes through the Supreme Creator and is accompanied by the most exotic form of love that you cannot imagine. Love is the energy of all energies and one day when your travels have been completed you will like all other souls return to the Great Central Sun. You are just one soul amongst countless others who share your urge to return to the Source. It is what you seek whether or not you are actually aware of it. So you see that all other forms of life whatever that takes are in essence just like you. We are all One.
Can you imagine what a wealth of experience you have and yet you are still creating new opportunities to learn more. As we have previously mentioned, evolution is not as most imagine a continual straight path but moves in a circular motion. It takes you an immense period of time to complete one circle of experience, and because events are always advancing by the time you reach the starting point again everything has moved on. It means that as an experience it seems as one that is continual without any breaks or any sign of completion. Also bear in mind that you attract events to yourselves through the power of thought, and as you evolve further you will reach a point where you will manifest what you want instantly.
Life on Earth is a pale reflection of what is in store for you, and when you look back you will wonder how you ever got through such testing times. Those of you who have been successful will continue to evolve at a much faster rate and the times you are presently in will seem but a distant memory. The old has little place in your present period of experience and we encourage you to entirely focus upon the future in a positive manner, as you are laying down your future pathway now. We speak mainly of your spiritual advancement, because as you rise up you gradually leave behind the material aspects because you will create from pure thought.
You will no doubt wonder how families are affected by the changes we mention, and the answer is that individuals may go their own way but the link remains so that contact is always possible. Understand that souls join family units by their own choice and for the experience that they can give. However, some souls continually join up with the same group and will take different roles within it. It comes down to exactly what you need to progress for your evolution. The soul is a free spirit and can select its own path of development, but usually following advice from those who are more spiritually experienced.
Life in the Universe of Matter is meant to teach you lessons that are necessary for your continual evolution. You who have successfully passed the marker are now on your path to the higher realms that you will find are so different to what you are experiencing now. It will be far more enjoyable and full of welcome surprises. Your immediate joy will possibly be that you are in a finer version of your etheric body that does not have to suffer the ills and problems you previously experienced whilst in physicality.
You have in some senses been babes in arms and have needed much guidance to get through your physical experiences. Yet here you are ready to go further along the path to the higher realms. The key factor is that progressively you will have more power of thought, so such thoughts must be tempered by good sense and loving intent. Start now and you will find it easier to adapt to a new way of thinking. Telling the truth at all times is another factor as eventually other souls will automatically know when you speak with anything less than the whole truth.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self and you too can be in contact with yours if you so desire.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.