HEAVEN IS A PLACE I CALL MY HOME ~ A Message from my Higher Self (25 Sep 2019)


Hello beloved friends,

After trying very hard in the last seven days to finish writing Sananda's next message (Part 3 of His higher dimensional teaching series about creating miracles; recently mentioned by Mother Mary), I have now decided to put that aside for the time being. As all channeled messages can only be written and posted when they are in vibrational alignment with myself and the Collective's energies, so for now let us all patiently wait until Divine Timing arrives - for when it finally happens, the words will then flow out easily and effortlessly.

Today's message will be slightly different than usual. It will be written in a Q & A format; this is a chat that I will soon be having with my own Higher Self. I have asked Him to help me with moving forward in this Ascension path with greater joy, love and fulfilment - and this cannot occur, until such time I successfully heal the aspect of myself that is still deeply longing for our Home in Heaven. This longing for Home has been there all my life and when combined with the feeling of 'not belonging‘ to this planet, you can just imagine how debilitating these emotions can sometimes be.
As someone whose 'day job’ is to be a bridge to the Divine; to be an open channel that connects people with the Company of Heaven, sometimes it can get really challenging to receive crystal-clear answers to my own questions. Successful discernment between who is doing the talking: my 3D self, or, my Higher Self, can be difficult to achieve when emotions are running high. 

So for the purpose of writing this message, whenever my Higher Self answers my questions below, I will simply be stepping aside and set the intention not to interfere in what He would like to share with me (and with all of you) here today.
And although the purpose of this message will primarily be to help me move forward in my life (by addressing this issue once and for all), I hope that it will also be an empowering, strengthening and wonderful message that is relevant for all of you as well. Especially for those of you here who may have been feeling the same deep longing for Heaven, or, those who have been feeling stuck wherever you are right now. 

With all my love and gratitude, namaste.



'My love, you know how much I have been missing Home. And in all these years, this deep longing has never dissipated. Instead, it has grown even stronger; becoming more intense until I can feel it interfering with my life. It has gotten so bad that I have, for awhile now, been feeling strongly detached to all aspects of life on Earth, and the only times when I had felt complete joy were during my infrequent visits to Heaven (in meditations) or, when spending time communing with you, or, when chatting with my spirit team and Father Mother God. Can you please explain what is happening to me, from a higher dimensional perspective?'

Higher Self: 

'Beloved Adele, please believe me when I say that this is a conversation that I have been longing to have with you for so many years. Today you are finally ready to 'bring it out into the open’, face it head-on, and deal with this issue, so that your life from this day forward will no longer be bogged down by this 'wounded’ aspect of your consciousness. 
Every time life had become too challenging for you, all of us here in Heaven were the ones who dried your tears. We were the ones holding your hands; we talked to you endlessly and walked with you every step of the way. Sananda, with His great love for you, always did His best to make you smile, laugh and lift your spirits up so that once again, joy became your way of being. We always stand ready to assist you; to assist everyone reading this, with anything that you ask us to do. And now that the deep, powerful bond of Love that We have created together for the past thirty or so years of your life (which is only a snapshot of our eternal connection), has become both a massive strength for you and a temporary impediment - thus it is time for this matter to be fully addressed.

You first arrived here on Earth with great joy and anticipation of the exciting physical adventures that you were going to experience here. And now, forty years later, it is quite accurate to say that your life journey on Earth has now become similar to that of a bone-weary traveller's. Someone who has been feeling like she has 'seen and done’ it all before; someone who no longer finds joy when visiting the many new places she has gone to; someone who is not interested in possessing anything that can be found on her journeys; someone who has become completely detached to the many things that people on Earth love to do and to have. 

In other words, you have now become someone who is searching for greater meaning & purpose in your daily activities. You no longer wish to do all of the same old, or lower-vibrational, 3D activities that you & many souls had been so engrossed in before for thousands of years. 

I am sure, to you and to the many people reading this today, the weary traveller actually represents the state of being of all spiritually-awakened, Old Souls have at some point in their Ascension journey. In other words Adele, what you have been feeling are powerful Ascension symptoms of an awakened old soul; a light-worker who is in the middle of an intense purification and integration process with the many aspects of her multidimensional self, spread out throughout the fabric of time on planet Earth and beyond.
You felt like you had 'seen and done it all’ - indeed you had. You had played many 'life games’ and experimented with thousands of different roles in various incarnations, both as a good and a bad person. Now that you are living in the Ascension lifetime, you no longer feel the need to collect life experiences that are based in this 3D duality. This is the lifetime when staying true to and becoming fully integrated with your Holy Christ Self are your number 1 priority. Your soul is now longing to expand higher (and not lower) by detaching itself from the many fallacies that have been clouding your Light such as: negative habits, patterns, programmings and all belief systems that are 3D in nature - currently still enslaving the majority of humanity. 

Let us give you two examples of major changes you'd had to go through lately. The first example is that we have often been helping you to lose track of time, since time doesn't exist in the fifth dimension and we are now helping you to adjust to living in an environment of 'NO TIME’. When you are in the middle of doing an activity that is giving you a sense of fulfillment, time loses all meaning as you get so immersed in the joy of loving service. However, once the activity was completed, you then 'woke up‘ to the reality that you had spent too much time doing that activity and then you often felt quite stressed/guilty for having lost so much of your valuable time. This is one perfect example of the stressful inner battle currently happening between your 3D and 5D selves, during this period of Higher Self integration. 


Another example would be about you often having these two conflicting feelings of: urgency and peace throughout your days. Everyone on planet Earth has, for awhile now, been feeling like time is actually speeding up. This is quite a normal side effect coming from the outpourings of massive higher energies currently bathing your ascending planet. The speeding of time has created immense stress energies within the emotional body of human collective - then released into the atmosphere and now often running around rampant on the planet; urging everyone affected to hurry up and to always do something right now.
And thus, on one hand you felt the need to take action right now to improve your life - after all, that's what the people around you and the world have been telling you to do in order to be more successful, happier and abundant. However on the other hand, you had been feeling very much at peace and harmonious with: yourself, your life, the people around you and the world - that all is well and have always been well, and that there is absolutely nothing that you 'need’ to do. We have observed your ensuing confusion as to which one out of these two conflicting feelings should be the one to have, i.e. which one is the higher vibrational path for an ascending soul. Should you take action or not take action, in the face of these conflicting feelings?
This particular challenge is here to teach all of you, how to make better choices in your life, based on joy and only joy. Indeed, your individualized I AM Presence never needs you to do anything that you yourself do not wish to do. Members of higher dimensional societies know really well that they never 'have to', or 'need to‘ do anything. All activities they had elected to do every day were done out of the feeling of Joy, Excitement and Passion for doing what they loved to do. And this, loved ones, is the core; the essence of a higher dimensional existence - to be experiencing joy in your eternal desire as a soul to continuously expand to, and create, greater versions of yourself.
The above are only two examples of the many struggles that many individuals are having right now in the process of getting used to living in a 5D planet as a new, 5D human. The stress, exhaustion and numerous discomforts coming from this purification and integration process can be and had been quite taxing for you and for all, as no one ever likes to have their world, their sense of self, and their well-being, often turned upside down. The souls who can withstand such intense pressures on all aspects of their lives are those who are ready to ascend in this lifetime. Souls who have decided not to ascend this time around, will eventually find these Ascension pressures to be unbearable on their lower-bodies system and will soon either consciously, or, subconsciously, or, supraconsciously choose to exit the planet (in a manner of their own choosing) and transition back to spirit.

We have often told you all that everything that is 3D in nature, cannot be taken with you; they can no longer be within you in a fifth dimensional environment. Thus, the sacred task of purging everything 3D that is lurking/hiding within your present consciousness, falls upon the Universal I AM Presence to arrange at perfectly-orchestrated timing and, upon the individualized I AM Presence of every person on Earth who lovingly controls and monitors the progress of your transformation into a 5D human until it is fully complete.

You have now become ready to embark on a completely new adventure: to become a fifth-dimensional being, on a fifth-dimensional planet Earth where the collective's consciousness is presently divided into the following groups: 

Group A: those who are completely 3D - the sleeping souls.

Group B: those who are awakened and now in the process of transitioning to 5D - these people are in a 4D state of consciousness.

Group C:  those who had successfully ascended and now walking around on Earth as a 5D being. This group of people are the ones keeping ablaze the flames of Ascension and leads by example, e.g. the Lemurians living in Telos. 

This three-way division of approximately 7.5 billion people on Earth into the above groups has often released tremendous amounts of chaotic energies, that on bad/challenging days managed to successfully influence many 4D-souls back down to a 3D state of being. People belonging to group B (with their energy sensitivity) are often the ones most vulnerable; they are more easily affected by the clashing of various dimensional energies rampant on the planet, until such time they successfully graduate and move up the ladder to permanently join those belonging to group C. Once that happens, these people will have achieved perfect immunity over lower-dimensional energies and will no longer find them a heavy drain on their energy system.
We had chosen together to have you, Adele, awakened earlier than most of humanity. You had known from a young age that God the Creator is real; that Jesus was a real life person (and not just a fictitious figure from the Bible stories); that Angels truly exist and they are constantly supporting you by your side. No matter what anyone had said to you in the past to convince you otherwise, you have always known (from the countless number of interactions that we'd had with you) that Heaven is very real. Heaven had increasingly felt more real to you than your physical life on Earth because that is simply the Truth. For you all know by now that planet Earth is your current temporary home (in the physical plane) whilst you are away from your eternal Home in Heaven. The many false beliefs/religious doctrines out there depicting God as a judgmental or unloving God who: punishes bad people by sending them to a place called Hell and, loves only good people, never felt true to you. Especially when your own life experiences had proven beyond any shadow of doubt, that God loves all His children unconditionally, no matter what.

In other words my beloved, these inner knowing, higher understandings and beliefs about God, Heaven and the existence of Angels & Spiritual Hierarchy serving God's Kingdom came easily to you, by design. This is the life path that you had chosen for yourself; as everything that had happened to you that made you the who you are today, were always meant to happen as they did. You, and many light-workers around the globe, had opted to be an open door connecting the non-physical realm of Heaven and the physical realm of Earth. You are all the highly evolved souls we had sent, as Heaven's Messengers, Ambassadors and Anchors of Love, Light, Peace and Unity. 

This is the great service that many of you had volunteered to give, and you would be willing to remain incarnate as long as God & those in Heaven's Hierarchy need highly evolved souls to act as powerful conductors of Light to successfully complete this grand, planetary-wide Ascension project. Your loving service maybe compared to the man who willingly lay across the Tibetan abyss with his feet in the root of one tree and his hands caught on the other side of the abyss, so that the disciples of the Buddha might pass in safety and reach their Master. So it is that most of you are now working hard to be this bridge; to re-connect many embodied souls with their own Holy Christ Self, the God-Self & the Heaven that await within. The more souls you help, the faster you (as a collective) will manifest a planet Earth that is a wonderful replica to your true Home in the non-physical plane of existence.
We have often told you loved ones, that Heaven is not a place, or a location to go to. Heaven is a state of being; an attained state of higher consciousness that can only be found within, only after the embodied soul has successfully gone through the many intense purification and purging processes to eliminate everything that is energetically discordant to the I AM Presence within. 


Your longing for Heaven represents your intense desire to make Heaven an actual physical reality (sooner rather than later) on Earth. A reality where everyone treats all living beings with the love, respect and compassion that they deserve to have - in full awareness of the Oneness of ALL. Your longing for Heaven also represents your absolute readiness to permanently walk around as your God Self - having left behind all aspects of your limiting 3D personality.
Your longing for Heaven does not actually represent an inner need to escape from the often challenging realities of life (as an individual and as a Collective) in an ascending planet. Brave souls, you had volunteered and were chosen to incarnate on this famous planet, for this very important time period, because of who you are. You are Our strong, powerful Warriors of the Light; the Messengers of Heaven who all share a very crucial quality - you are the type of soul who never gives up. All of you reading this today, are not a quitter by nature (otherwise you will not be here on Earth right now).
Every time Adele went through a very challenging time when she felt she could no longer continue, Father Mother God would then extend their loving hands and offer her a one-way, express 'ticket to Heaven'. And every single time this happened, she would gratefully decline their invitations and explained that her work is not yet complete. This proves that the mighty flames of Hope and Faith continue to blaze so powerfully within the hearts of many of Our Messengers, for they all deeply understand that now is not the time to give up. Not when Love has already won the game and patience is all that is needed to see the proof of this success manifested outwardly in your physical reality on Earth.'


'Thank you for explaining all of that so beautifully. Somewhere within me, I was perhaps still feeling a bit afraid that my prolonged longing for Heaven is a clear indication that I am actually weak and not strong enough, thus not suitable for whatever it is that You have got planned for my life moving forward. That perhaps you, Sananda, Father Mother God had somehow chosen the wrong person for the job. Let us now move on to my next questions. Where do I go from here? How do I move forward with greater joy and permanently heal my 'wounded’ 3D consciousness of wanting to return to Heaven, more often than not?’

Higher Self:

‘Beloved Adele, you are now at a phase where these false, limiting beliefs about yourself are close to being permanently eliminated once and for all. For you, and for everyone reading this today, your way forward is quite simple. You need to simply release all remaining resistance to your God-Self. 

Resistance is all about believing that you are vulnerable and susceptible to something not wanted and thus you are holding a stance of protection - which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-Being that would be there otherwise.

Loved ones, are you now finally ready to stop resisting the increasingly loud, inner voices of your own I AM Presence? 

In Adele's case, her desire to return to Heaven, simply represents the continued resistance she still has, in releasing a very stubborn aspect of her 3D-self. By not wanting to be here, her 3D personality is subconsciously protecting her from the harsh environment that used to be planet Earth. Her ego-mind personality fully remembers everything that had happened (coming from information stored within the DNA), in the many challenging past lives Adele had experienced on this planet - and thus it is doing whatever it can, to make sure that she is now safe from all harm. 

The way her 3D self continues to resist life on Earth can actually be commonly found in many light-workers across the planet. However, the severity of her longing for Home mostly comes from what We would classify as the ‘primordial wound’ of a soul. Adele thought that she had successfully healed this primordial wound a few months ago during meditation, but sometimes a wound this deep needs extra tender loving care and more time to heal.
If you are all wondering what a 'primordial wound‘ is, it is a wound that came from the great shock a soul experienced, when it first fully embraced the illusion of Separation from Source - due to a physical incarnation in a lower-dimensional planet (like Earth used to be) where Duality was the way of life.
A person who possesses a severe longing for Heaven is either:
1) a young soul (walking around with this wound) who has never before experienced life in a lower dimensional planet such as Earth and is now ascending for the very first time. This now-awakened soul finds living on Earth in an Ascension time period to be very challenging, as it is doing something it has never done before (prior to its very first incarnation on this planet). 
2) a highly evolved soul (walking around with this wound) who had ascended to the higher dimensions eons ago, and is now on Earth to: heed your Mother Gaia and Heaven Hierarchy's calls and assist them with this grand Ascension project. Such a soul (once awakened) strongly remembers its connection to the Divine and thus cannot easily get used to the many discordant, disharmonious ways of existence people on Earth are so very much used to. It is heavily longing for the Peace, Love and Oneness that is ever pervasive, in the higher dimensions where it came from; the higher vibrational environment where this soul is more used to being in.
Those of you here with a severe longing for Heaven, it does not really matter whether you belong to either group: 1 or 2.
What truly matters is: whether or not you have now become completely ready to let in the Well-Being that is the Divine Birthright of every embodied soul on Earth.
In other words it is time, loved ones, for you to make a decision. If you, just like Adele, have chosen to continue living on Earth (and never quit) until your Ascension to 5D is finally completed, your Breakthrough moment; your life's Turning Point has now arrived. You now stand ready at the gate of ‘Complete Freedom’ from all fear, lack, limitation & separation, and all you have to do next is to commit to be your Higher Self in every way. 

Release all resistance, and every morning simply show up to Life - with excitement and enthusiasm for the many grand adventures that await you! 

Open yourselves up to receiving every good thing that is coming your way once all resistance is permanently gone. 

Let life, and command the Universe to 'wow’ you abundantly with an infinite amount of gifts that will make you cry tears of great joy. Deeply recognise the magnitude of the love Father Mother God has for all of you, through the gift of life that has been bestowed upon you. 

Lastly, it is time to consciously make the extra efforts to raise the calibre of your thought and feeling worlds. When your thoughts and feelings are always high-vibrational, the vibratory action of your four lower bodies will be moving so rapidly, that no imperfection, disease, or limitation of any kind can enter and attach themselves to you. For their intrusion will be immediately repelled, or deflected by the powerful, energetic force emitted through your 'Pillar of Light’.
For those of you here who had watched the 2018 movie Aquaman, you will know that whenever the main lead character, Arthur, wielded his weapon (the Trident of Neptune) in his final combat, using a circular high-speed motion, he created a water force-field that could powerfully repel and deflect all attacks coming from his opponent.


In much the same way, the rapid circulation of the electronic pillar of light surrounding you (coming from the high calibre of your thought and feeling worlds) will automatically and forcefully deny entrance to your energy field, all destructive/lower-vibrational energies coming from the people around you and the world at large.
Once you can successfully maintain the existence of this powerful pillar of light in your energy field, coming from your permanently-attained 5D consciousness (that can only be brought about through persistent practice), the entire Universe will be at your command. For the souls who possess complete control of their thoughts and feelings by remaining harmonious no matter what, i.e. those who have a deep reverence for Life and recognise the Oneness of All, the magical kingdom of God is fully theirs for the taking. Father Mother God and these people's individualized I AM Presence will entrust infinite amounts of the Electronic Light present in all things, to be used as per their own divine will.
It is time for you all to rise above every obstacle that is preventing you from becoming the full embodiment of your I AM Presence. For Adele (and those of you here who have been deeply longing for Heaven as well), this means it is time for you to fully recognize that Heaven is actually within you; it is wherever you are.
You, and everyone else here in the physical plane of Earth, have always been in Heaven. You had never left. The illusions of imperfection on your planet are so great that billions of people will be quick to deny this Higher Truth. 

Wake up, loved ones, and know that you have always been Home, in God's loving embrace. 

We are with you, every step of the way, on this return journey back Home to the God-Self within.' 

With all my love,

Adele's Higher Self. 

Channeled by Adele Arini.
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