Quan Yin: The Upcoming Golden Age

Quan Yin says, dear ones, I am Quan Yin. I know that you have such an expectation for the upcoming Golden Age and Christ Era. It is going to be unprecedented indeed. We, the Divine and the company of heaven, literally can’t contain ourselves. We are so beyond excited. We are overjoyed and we are indeed ready to start the Golden Age, and let the Christ lead the ascension effort so that together, we bring the planet and humanity home. We are at the point that we almost can see the happenings. And we are so close to the beginning of the Christ Era and Golden Age.

We, the Divine and the company of heaven, have been preparing for the upcoming time, from small matters to big Divine plans. We have literally covered every thing we can put our hands on to make sure we cover all grounds, so that once the moment comes, you, our Divine team, and light workers can start your mission right away. For the planet’s sake and for Gaia’s sake, we, the Divine have been preparing for so long and now that we can start without feeling that anything left behind. That is how well we, the Divine have been preparing and we feel quite confident about everything. It is indeed a great feeling to have. We are totally ready.

Now then, what is in the way, you may ask? What really is happening right now is a small portion of the population that had not awakened, and the Christ wanted to give these souls one more chance.

For the purpose of awakening these souls, we, the Divine have been trying all the possible ways to wake them up. But due to the density on the planet, the souls who have slept so deeply, and they are having a hard time waking up. And that is why the Divine has repeatedly tried different approaches and finally they woke up. But now, the entire planet has woken up. Souls around different regions are in the awakening process, and that is what we, the Divine have been waiting for. Now we have the assurance that all souls have the chance to ascend, and all souls are waking up to their Divine timetable.

As for how long these late comers will need to ascend, that has to do with their individual soul purpose and timetable. Some may get on their mission very fast, others may take years if not longer. It is highly individual. Nevertheless, all these late comers will ascend one way or the other, and that is the most important thing we, the Divine want to focus on. So, that is why the next phase has not yet begun, and that is what we are waiting for. We have all the elements ready for the next phase, and we, the Divine are truly ready.

I love you dear heart. I am Quan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, the Divine may adjust the plan. If things develop at the current speed, we may have to adjust the Divine plan so that the souls who have just awakened may have a break or two, and the planet may be able to rest a bit. If everything goes well, we, the Divine will want to convince the planet and Gaia to have a break, and you, dear heart, may have a break as well.

We are so close and we might just take breaks here and there so that our light workers can rest their bodies and serve better once the new phase begins. So, keep up the good work dear ones. Know we are almost there. The planet has ascended, and the planet requires all of her children to ascend so that together, with Gaia, the planet and Gaia’s children will come home together. I love you dear heart. I am Quan Yin. So it is.

Channel: Linda Li