Alcyone via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 9th, 2019

I am Alcyone, your great Central Sun. I am not great in my own eyes, but to you and those in this section, I am. Nor am I truly central in a relative universe. But I see you as great, oh children of Earth, of this great experiment of the unveiling of light. I see you as great, very great, and very central to the success of this experiment.

This one has chosen to forgive this experiment, and may I suggest that those of you led to reading these words, or hearing them on one of Juli Joy’s videos, do the same. There has been much anger released of late within the human collective for the related atrocities that this experiment of dark to light has allowed. And so, let us release it, shall we? Allow me to lend my light, to blast through the pain of the programming within your cells, that is begging to be released. With your permission I will proceed. Feel light from my light body enter through your crown. You want to be in alignment with these higher energies to be able to withstand what is to come with grace and ease. See this light column slowly descend from your crown down into your headspace, where stored memories need to be transmuted into light, so that only the lessons remain. And now down into your throat, burning away vocal blocks so that your true voice can be heard once again. And now down into your thymus gland where infant memories are stored, to be released, memories of your true origin, of your true infant self, who sees with clear eyes, memories clear and true. And now down into your heart space. Feel the pain being burned away, transmuted into light, heart chakra spinning bright and true, unencumbered, free. See this column of light extend further, deep into your belly where many of you have had bowel issues of late as you transmute stuck thought forms and memories. Release them into me, into my light. See the light enter your sacred lower chakras where much sexual dross must be released, removed, transmuted. The light column from my body continues down yours, down your legs, grounding you to the higher dimensional grid that now surrounds your planetary body. See my light extend through the soles of your feet deep into Gaia’s planetary core, into her heart space. See the crystals there hum and spin, coming online and revived by my light.

I am Alcyone. I hold humanity on ascending Gaia with tremendous respect. Gaia is my dear sister, my dear friend. We have known each other a long while and I have watched her metamorphosis with awe and deep respect. I, Alcyone, lend my light, my mettle as well. When will humanity begin to see they are not alone? That the entire cosmos is in support of them as the darkness is removed, transmuted by my light body joined with those of the galactics in the skies and the ground team on Gaia’s body? You are not alone. The entire multiverse supports this ascension. The dark is squelched. Be at peace and become whole again.

I am Alcyone. The universe is almost in perfect alignment. It will be in perfect alignment at the Divine Mother’s choosing. (I am seeing golden cogs and wheels in the universe, all being divinely timed and directed). Be at peace. All is most well. Ground to me, ground to Gaia. Become the bridge bearers you were born to be and you will be as you anchor this multidimensional light that coats and soothes, that transmutes your tears away. Be at peace.

I am Alcyone. I am your ancient guardian of time, but I do like to think of myself as your elder brother. And so it is. Be at peace little one. Know that you are mighty. Do not be deceived by your small human form. Energy is energy, and friends, the spark of god lies within you. What will you do with it? We are all excited to see your new creations awaiting to be birthed anew on Nova Gaia. Ground the light. Ground my light. See it whirl and spin within your cells now as you morph from caterpillar into butterfly. New Hu-Man arise. I am Alcyone.

~ galaxygirl