Jesus through John: To be incarnate as a human in form is a gift of inestimable value that you have given yourselves


by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday September 7th

Life is a divine and infinitely joyful creation of our infinitely wise and loving Source, and It is what we are, both those of us in form and those of us without form – an eternal and expanding flow of infinite energy that is most easily understood if defined as LOVE.  As humans in form, you all want LOVE, and for many it seems that it is outside you, to be found within someone else.  So you spend large parts of your human lives seeking it from that perfect other who you hope will, when found, fulfill you, making you feel complete, seen, heard, understood (at last!), and cherished above all others.  But of course what you seek elsewhere can only be found within yourselves, because you are all, each and every one of you without any exceptions of any kind, already and utterly inseparably One with Source – you are the Love that you seek.

Source, Love, and You are One.  As humans in form this appears not to be the case because your bodies are indeed individual separate forms, each experiencing Life/Love in their own unique way.  But this is only a temporary arrangement, because your bodies, like all forms that have a life force flowing through them, are vitalized only for a limited time, whereas you – who are the life force flowing through them – are eternal beings, forever One with Source.  You and Love are One.  As humans you have forgotten that and do not know it in the way that you know that you are your bodies.  You are a very like actors in a play or a movie playing parts very convincingly for yourselves and for your audience, and in fact being those parts.  When the play or movie is over you return to being yourselves; and, in the same way, when as humans you lay down your bodies in death, you return to being yourselves/Yourself.  Death should not to be feared but should be willingly accepted when it arrives, terminating the play or movie in which you have been engaged, and freeing you to return to Reality, to knowing Yourself as you truly are, One with Source in an inseparable and infinitely loving eternal embrace.

To be incarnate as a human in form is a gift of inestimable value that you have given yourselves in order to come to a far fuller comprehension of your divine and eternal nature.  Being human and limited allows you to become aware of the infinite vastness of Source relative to the seemingly smallness and insignificance of your human forms in a way that is impossible when you know Yourself as One with Source.

For example, many of you admire and look up to other humans who appear to you to be better, more valuable, more beautiful, more accomplished than you believe yourselves to be, and you choose to attempt to imagine what it would be like to be that other person.  However, you cannot actually be that other person, all you can do is have your own personal perception of what you imagine it must be like to be that other person, and that is invariably very different from how that person actually experiences him or her self.  Life in form is, therefore, unreal, imaginary, an experience of playing a part in a drama or story for the sole purpose of creating an interesting character and watching that character grow and develop as the story unfolds.

In human terms, you all watch or listen to stories as you grow from infancy to adulthood, and these stories powerfully influence your growth to maturity – and of course it does seem that many humansnever mature.  So, remember, it really is an illusory world that you live in and experience as humans, because in REALITY you have never separated from Source from the One.  What you are doing is playing a game that can inspire and motivate you, or that can lead you to shut down in fear.

Fear then leads to depression and lack of motivation, or of your will to live, and it then seems that someone else or god is the reason for your unhappiness, and there seems, therefore, to be nothing you can do about it.  Or it can lead to intense anger which is directed at others who, it seems, are threatening or attacking you, and so you feel forced to engage in conflict because, as you see it, your very survival depends on it.  Conflict requires at least two willing adversaries, and as you look at the news on the mainstream media you can see an inordinate number of examples of this state of affairs, as each adversary claims to have the truth, and blames the other for the conflict.

Your awakening is the collective consciousness becoming increasingly aware that Love is the only way to resolve issues, whether between individuals or between nations.  All over the world groups are being established by like-minded individuals in which the intent is set, each time they meet, to be loving whatever arises, and the group members are each asked and encouraged to reset this intent each morning when they awaken, each evening before falling asleep, as well as during the day, especially if a threat of conflict appears to be developing.  And these groups of loving people are not only finding that this intention setting is extremely effective and beneficial to themselves, but that it is also changing the world.

You all, every human presently incarnate, chose to take form at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution precisely for this purpose.  The time for the collective awakening is NOW, and you are all, each in your own carefully and divinely designed way, assisting in this process.  It is your reason for being human, it is your mission, and you are completing it successfully because failure is an absolute impossibility when you are doing God’s work.  Never forget that you are divinely guided in every moment, and this is ensuring your success.

The current chaos and conflicts worldwide are the visible signs that enormous changes are occurring, so when you find yourselves in situations that for humans in form are intolerable, know that these are passing events that are leading you Home to Reality.  To repeat, you are LOVE, and Love is the creative force, the divine Source, the infinitely vast and varied field of energy that fulfills and supports Life, Consciousness, Awareness, the state of being of which, as humans, you have only a tiny and severely limited awareness.  In fact enormous numbers of people, as they go about their daily human lives, are almost totally unaware that they are spiritual beings having a temporary experience in form.  Your collective awakening process is changing that, and awareness of the absolutely massive power of Love is now arising into people’s conscious awareness and astounding them.

Humanity’s awakening is occurring right now, and every human presently incarnate is an irreplaceable and essential part of the awakening process, so you are each to be firmly and strongly congratulated for the amazing work that you chose and agreed to undertake.  You are succeeding way beyond your human and limited ability to imagine or conceive of, so, despite what you see on the mainstream media – and some of that is very unsettling as you see the suffering that many are presently experiencing – keep on CELEBRATING!  When you celebrate, and allow the constant out-flowing energy field of divine Love to express Itself through you, you enormously intensify the Power of the energy field of Love that is awakening the human collective.  Your awakening is divinely guaranteed, and is occurring NOW!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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