Messages from Ann & the Angels - 08/03/2019 • Don't let your focus flicker

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You experience yourselves as flesh and blood, body and mind, moving through physical space and linear time. In truth you are infinite consciousness, experiencing itSelf through the filter of your body and your mind. In an infinite matrix of possibility, you use your free will to focus your thoughts, and thus – consciously or otherwise – choose what you will experience in this dream you call life.

If your belief and the power of your focus were great enough, you could shift your entire reality in a single instant. There are people upon your earth who can manifest objects with a single thought, heal with a single focus on perfection, and transport themselves beyond space and time.

Consensus reality is very powerful, however. You have been taught that you are at the mercy of the world around you. You were taught that you must suffer as a result of poor choices in your past. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The universe does not "keep score." You could make a lifetime of poor choices, create a horrible illness, and suddenly, in a flash of understanding, begin to focus on being whole. You could make a poor financial decision, lose everything you have, and then in a moment of awakening begin to focus on rebuilding your life in an even grander way. You could be a hateful person for decades and in a second of compassion focus upon building a life of love. In every moment you can choose to shift your focus to a better reality.

Likewise you are not at the mercy of others, except insofar as you give their reality more attention than you give your own. The entire world could be at war and you could be at peace. Those around you could see only darkness and you could see light. The doctors could tell you that you have an incurable disease but you could believe in, and experience a miraculous healing. Your spouse could focus on lack, but with better focus, you could create incredible abundance.

You are either a slave to the world's focus or you are free – the owner of your own focus, and therefore your own reality.

Many of you will protest, "I have focused on what I want and it is not here!" Dear ones, we would lovingly point out that the challenge most of you have with creating simple.... Your focus flickers!

It looks something like this: I believe in my dream. I can imagine it! I know it's coming (Focus is on). Time passes. It is not here. Where is it? How long will it take? It is never going to come (Focus is off). Later that day... OK I'm manifesting. Good now I can feel it again! I'm creating (Focus is on). A few days later.... How will this ever happen. I'm just dreaming... (Focus is off)

The problem is all too common. Allowing your focus to flicker prevents you from creating anything new. You find yourself in a "holding pattern" where not much changes.

Practice using your focus on the smaller things first. For just one day focus on finding the good everywhere you look. For just another day focus on being grateful. For another focus on feeling peace. Keep shifting your focus back when it wanders. No excuses. It is your mind. It is your choice. It is your focus. It just takes practice to become "strong minded" enough to draw your thoughts back to where you want them to be.

Once you learn to focus without flickering, or at least to draw your thoughts back to where you want them to be, you become capable of creating nearly any reality you wish.

You are not slaves to your past choices. You are not slaves to the world's choices. You are souls, free to create as you wish. Your focus is the tool which allows you to navigate a matrix of infinite possibility, and to experience the realities you choose to focus upon. Practice overcoming "flicker" dear ones. Your focus is one of your most powerful tools.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels