Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, May 24, 2019

The long wait goes on and matters seem to keep coming up that look as though important changes are about to occur, without there being a conclusion. Yet there are outcomes that suggest what is happening is all part of the slow process to move away from the old paradigm, allowing the new one ample time to take effect. It is clear much of the old ways that still remain must make way for the new to come into being, and in part that means removing those who stand in the way of progress. Changes at the top are essential if no time is to be lost in getting the changes started. The world has suddenly been seen for the state it is in largely due to man’s belligerence, a state that cannot be ignored at your peril. Public opinion is not a force to be overlooked and its demands for action must be heeded.
Your future is often seen as a repeat of the past, but if you have a paradigm shift, none of the principles, the actions or interfaces, or the expectation of what has happened in the past can be applied to the future, and since none of you have been there yet, or experienced its changes you do not appreciate, like or understand them. The profundity of this goes further than just a paradigm shift for you. If you really understand the elements of physics that talk about time, you would know that is in a circle and in it you tend to run over the same energies you created in the past, then creating that episode that you will call “repeating history” and I told you nobody has been there yet, so some of you are way ahead of me and then you would say “What happened to the circle” and the answer is you broke it. You are on another path, call it “dimension shift” if you wish, call it anything you want to which says this – “you are beginning something new that has never happened on this planet ever before” and the thing that is driving it is not that outside source that some of you all fear, it is you. It is the consciousness of individuals starting to have a coherence together, a confluence of energy that will start to guide the planet.
Look at the timing, you never had social media before, you have never had the ability to be alone in a closet and contact a million people, and you can today. You never had the ability to form a consensus of what you are thinking, and you do today. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Human Beings collectively can do something they never could before, they can do things that would make politicians shake in their boots, because they are in such control, and you do not know it yet but you will. Perfect timing for a paradigm shift that was predicted thousands of years ago way before modern religion, the ancients were involved for thousands of years it said from the stars. There will come a day measured by the precession of the equinox, a 26,000 year wobble on the Earth. There will come a day when Humanity will end the time it was in and start another time. Profoundly the Mayans called it the calendar that ended in 2012. It was not a mistake because that calendar was 5,125 years long. It is time for a shift and you are in it. A time change, a paradigm shift, a dimensionality and the biggest will occur with the futurists.
The track is now different, you cannot take what was and apply it to what will be based on the same principles and paradigms. What has taken place is systemic, you must have another track record you must go for a while before you can start to see the signs that measure differently than they used to. Even the most profound studies are based upon the past, not the future, so it gets in the way of logical thinking of what might happen next. Do not make up your mind that it will be this one, or that one based on the past, or even that which you believe in is analytically accurate in the past. Human nature itself will change and how in the world do you track that. When you mix the old with the new you have problems, moving into the new energy is difficult and some will see it as frightening and scary because the rudder that you counted upon in the past is gone. The rudder is missing, a new one is being built called the paradigm of how new Humans think and what they want and can collectively do in a new time in an age where coherence is being measured between the consciousness of countries.
The old souls are the ones singularly one by one, perhaps by the millions who will change that coherence of the planet, that confluence of thought of the planet, and when that begins you are going to see something. It is catchy and we have said this before, indeed the ones with the old energy will eventually die out, they will carry it to their graves, they will try to do this and that and for it and you will see the last of the old guard, the last of the Illuminati that you have known forever controlled Humanity, and in its place things you did not expect, and that is why you have got to make things up with your intuition not logically but based upon human nature. Some of the things that are not measurable at all are already inside of you, given to you as a futurist, where you can project things without data and then they will happen. You are moving from a darker place to a lighter place that the magnetic grid has changed for you to accomplish it. It is the place in Space you are as a solar system. It is difficult to accomplish it but the stars align for it to accomplish this, right place at the right time. Do not fear what you signed up for.
Nothing can stop the advancement of Humanity that has been ordained by those who oversee your destiny. You have a mighty following that are urging you on and sending you their love, so that you know you are not alone in your fight against those who would try to halt your progress. Never give up your resolve to overcome all obstacles placed in your way, as you always have unseen helpers giving you encouragement. The energy for good is growing day by day and aiding your positive actions to carry on moving in the right direction You attract such energies because “like attracts like” and soon you will realise that you are receiving help.
Keep looking to the future, it is golden, everything you ever thought it could be. It is what you have been heading towards for eons of time so never look back, all is well.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.