Dianne Robbins Monthly Message: Connect with the TREES

We Trees Long for Physical Contact with You

We are the Tree People, all decked out in our summer greenery ready to burst forth into song and spread our melodies far and wide over the countryside. It is a joy to experience summer, and we are now at the height of the solstice, the apex of the demarcation of the seasons, ready to dig into the Earth for this growing season where we grow rapidly after sitting dormant all the winter months. All life experiences these bursts of growth in the summer seasons, and all life longs for the hot sun.

Our talk today will be about you—our human brothers and sisters situated next to us on the surface—and yet you hardly see or recognize us as we stand before you in all our glory. We stand here as sentinels, just waiting for you to pay attention to us—to talk to us—to touch us and wrap your arms around our trunks as far as you can reach. We long for this physical contact with you—this hands-on contact where we can embrace each other at long last. For our branches reach out to you to touch, and our leaves fall to the ground for you to pick up and hold. We are always reaching out to you with our songs that are carried on the wind, if you but tune your ears to listen—for we sing loud and clear, and our melodies are carried far and wide.

We are deeply dug in here, and we are not leaving the Earth plane without humanity coming along. Yes, some of our souls have left their barked bodies—but most of us remain encased in our bark, waiting for the ascension as you do. We have been embodied for so long compared to the short life of humans that we would not deliberately leave now, with such a short time left to go before the ascension waves occur.

We stand firm in our stance, and firm in our resolve to remain here on the surface and ascend with all life forms and Earth herself. We will not abandon our posts. There is too much at stake now, and every one of us is needed…our Light is crucial at this time to create the Light Wave that will propel us into our ascension mode.

If only humans could communicate with all the other life forms, you would know what is occurring on the Earth and you would be better able to prepare yourselves for the changes that are fast coming. Knowledge is what has been kept from you, keeping you in ignorance of life around you.

We are here to help you understand life, if you would but take the time and give us your attention and tap into our vast library system of daily occurrences…just one day of communicating with us would give you the direction you need to set your life back on course and give you the knowledge you need to understand what is happening and to prepare yourselves for what is about to occur planet-wide. So we stand here, waiting for you to acknowledge us and to tap into our hearts for a Tree Connection—our line is always open, and it is free.
Copyright © Dianne Robbins