Dianne Robbins: The Crystals, the Earth, and all lifeforms are One Consciousness

When you can understand and integrate this concept of Oneness, your life will gain a new flow, and synchronicity will be a common occurrence, as you will operate on a higher wavelength that re-connects you with all life everywhere; thereby allowing you to access all the avenues that will lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams on Earth.
The Cetaceans communicate with each other no matter where they are in Earth’s oceans, by staying in the frequency flow of “All That Is”. It is the way the trees and animals and all of nature communicate. The first step is to be conscious of this interconnection of all life, and then you will find it flowing within you, with no “work” on your part. This is the key to the Universe, and it is within you.

Putting Crystals in Water

In our Hollow Earth, our water system is pristine pure, and is living, crystallized water, with its consciousness fully intact — not like your dead water on the surface, that’s devoid of life giving energy.

We store our water in Crystal tubs with Crystal linings, infused with Crystals, and you can do the same. Just put a Crystal in your water and let it sit overnight. It will charge your body with electrical currents and open up blocked meridians. It will clear energy blockages on the etheric level so that your electrical circuitry flows unimpeded around and through you. Clean and clear your Crystal first and infuse it with Divine Love. Rubies and sapphires will do the same thing. Put Crystals in your bathtub and soak up the Crystal light rays.

Using Crystals in the Inner Earth

Our Light comes from Crystals, coupled with electromagnetism that generates all the power we need to meet our needs.
Our Chariots

In the underground cities, we have chariots — so to speak — that carry us through the air from one location to another. Everything operates through a combination of Crystals and electromagnetic energy. We have no fossil fuels, hence no air or land pollution. What we don’t use we de-materialize instead of discarding. This way our land remains free and not cluttered as on the surface.

What Gemstones Do You Use in Your Homes?

Know that in the Hollow Earth we live in caverns, underneath the inner surface of the hollow cavity of Earth. This way, we don’t disturb the land outside our caverns or on the inside of the inner surface. This is the most economical way to build a dwelling, since it comes already built. The caverns were already in existence when we arrived here many eons ago. They were already in place and we just further hollowed them out and designed them to meet our living standards. The earthen cavern is also fuel efficient and holds in the heat. We are very creative in architecturally designing our living space with the materials from the Earth herself, without disturbing the Earth in the least. We use mainly Crystals, gemstones, lapis, gold, and other varied stones along with technologically created materials for our furniture, and hemp for all our clothing and bedding.

We Use Crystals to Navigate Our Way Around the Inside of the Globe

We use Crystals for all our needs. These Crystals direct and guide us, and bring into unison all that we need. Our sky is bright from the projection of our Crystals and our thoughts. We don’t have clouds or rain. We have an abundance of water for all our needs that is pure and clean, and we bless the Earth daily for this abundance. We go about our daily business in Love and Gratitude for all that we have.
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