Dianne Robbins: The Heart now leads the way

617b091f-9b9e-42bf-b75d-47cdc559b805Love and Freedom

We continually sing love songs to you on land,
so that we can meld with you in consciousness as one.


is a state of Being, and a state that we,
the Cetaceans, are always in.
It is a marvelous way to live life
and we recommend it highly to you on land.
We are beaming our Love to you, even though we’re not on land.

Love flows invisibly through the ocean’s waves as it gathers momentum on its destination to the shore.

We are holding the Light here in Earth’s oceans and gradually sending it to shore in increments, perfectly geared to humanity’s capacity to absorb and anchor it in your bodies.
We are a great Love Force

We swim in the Earth’s oceans that surround your continents. We are a great Love Force. We surround your continents with the force of our Love. We wrap you in our Love. So great is our Love that it literally holds the Earth’s mountains in place.

Love is the strongest force in the universe, and we use this force to navigate our way around the world. We use the force of Love to propel us through areas of murky underwater, so that we emerge unscathed by the lower vibration.

You, too, can use the Force of Love to propel you through Life. You, too, can navigate your way around obstacles in your path. You do this by focusing only on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and this wave of unconditional love will clear your pathway of all obstacles. You will see only beauty, feel only beauty and be surrounded by only beauty. This is the path of the Initiate. This is the path that Lightworkers strive to follow, although there’s no striving involved but only your heart opening to allow God’s Love to flow through.


We sing our praises of Love to you always. We use our Loving in all we do.

We have come far to be on Earth. We have traveled from our home planetary system many light years away, to incarnate on Earth to help her through her evolution to Light. We have also come as teachers, to teach Earth humans to care for their planetary home in the stars. As of yet, not many have listened, so we continue to try to reach their ears.

Our ways are peace-loving and gentle, and we use our loving in all we do. Every activity of our lives is filled with loving thoughts, and every action is undertaken with gentleness. For this is the way of life — the only way that will bring bliss. So strive to love one another, as we love you, and surely you will find yourselves in the heavenly stars of bliss. For bliss is something you can “give” to one another, as you would a gift. It is easy to receive bliss and even easier to give it. So give to one another daily. Send out only thoughts of love and you will feel the bliss being returned to you on the waves of Light as they are being generated from your intent.

So take this lesson of today, and practice putting it into effect, and you will be responsible for the Earth’s sojourn into Light.

Your Light is so beautiful to perceive! We see it from the oceans, as we project our astral bodies across your land masses, watching your Light grow brighter and brighter as you learn the lessons of Love.
Thank you for reaching to us today.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins