Rinus Verhagen - The Big Plan, Which has Taken a Totally Different Turn

The big plan, which has taken a totally different turn.

Here I do a report as I think it was based on facts.

The Elite had a plan that turned out completely different from what they worked for.

Through the intervention of the Alliance (positive forces against the Cabal) their nefarious plan is 100% reversed for the sake of ending the Cabal and their debt slave system.

The silent coup committed in 1913 on December 23rd by private bankers by founding the FED (Federal Reserve Agency) was a contract of 99 years.

Before 1913, as far as I know, no trading in birth certificates as we know them today has taken place.

So the contract of the FED expired in 2012, so they were no longer able to print money from nowhere.

Several lawyers have claimed with the OPPT statement all rights and wealth obtained by fraud, by issuing a declaration, which is binding what if one would not respond within a certain period of time.

Without the world population knowing this, man as a commercial product for those in power would have been deprived of his status as man, and would have been placed in a company, the TRUST.

That is the reason why we have been relegated from person to person, within their commercial structure a person cannot exist as a living being.

In a devious way they have turned this into a work slave system, making trade with birth certificates possible.

The system has been designed in such a way that we as a legal person have to register everything that is nothing else than renouncing our rights and possible possessions, and labour efforts, for the benefit of the Cabal Elite, the Vatican, Spiritual Centre, City of London Financial Centre and Washington DC as military power.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abehIMfmkxw and https://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/

This whole power structure is kept alive by the monopoly of money creation and trade in birth certificates, in which all governments and banks around the world are involved in this scam.

President John F Kennedy wanted to reintroduce money creation under his own legislation and was murdered for that purpose by George Herbert Walker Bush, then head of the CIA.

The CIA, which originated from the former OSS US secret service and the German GESTAPO. The CIA and FBI have been found to be agencies of the Bankers and Military Industrial Complex.

John F Kennedy and President of Indonesia Sukarno had agreed to introduce the new money system again independent of the Rothschild and JP Morgan Bankers, whereby the money with gold covered at the value of their joint gold stock would introduce.


As we know, it did not stop with this murder, but has followed the Kennedy family in generations.

President Sukarno was put out of order by the FED owners and replaced by Suharto on 2 October 1965 by a coup by the CIA.

In the spring of 1966 Sukarno had to hand over power to general Suharto and in 1967 he formally lost all power.

Since Indonesia was a former colony of the Netherlands, many people came from there to the Netherlands as ex Knil Militair: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geschiedenis_van_de_Molukkers_in_Nederland

The non-legal Royal Family of the Netherlands is connected to the world Cabal, and has treated the people who fought for them as second class people, who saw their loyalty rewarded with betrayal and contempt of the Dutch government and Royal Family.

However, these people are completely intrigued in our society and hearts, and have their right to exist in the Netherlands more than they deserve, I believe that this may also be mentioned once.

When the Dutch troops withdrew from Indonesia, several warships from the Netherlands were sunk, with a cargo of stolen GOLD.

It is a fixed pattern that the Cabal first conquered the GOLD as if they were the pirates of the country they were at war with. In 2015 the Dutch Fake Royal family visited Indonesia during a tour through several Asian countries, with the intention to recover the sunken Dutch ships and to claim the contents of GOLD.

Unfortunately for the Royal Cabal members, the ships were no longer to be found, so already recovered, and the GOLD returned to its rightful owner.

All the GOLD of the island groups of Indonesia would have had to function as collateral to give the current money system a GOLD coverage again, after the contract of the FED in 2012, had expired on December 22nd.

Sukarno's grandson Sino managed this GOLD until another manager was appointed, Neil Keenan, a businessman who had almost been destroyed by the Cabal, but who has now strengthened the hope of a fair money system, including the GOLD of Indonesia.

The Cabal Elite, together with the Committee of 300 industrialists, had worked out the plan to replace the current money system with a GOLD-covered system.

However, since the Cabal's plans were hijacked by the Alliance, the Cabal and the FED were given time to put their own house in order.

In 2016, Donald J Trump became President of the US, after the army was faced with the choice of either making a coup or asking the independent patriot Donald J Trump to join the presidency.

In the transition phase to a new money system, the FED has received a bridging guarantee from Swissindo's GOLD to ensure a smooth transition.

From the document below it can be seen that the Cabal members have signed this agreement.

Where this GOLD was indicated in a value of money to be distributed over 209 countries worldwide.


On the following Link you can see which countries and banks the accounts are prepared for the releases of the fund.


For the Netherlands this is divided over 6 banks, a total amount of more than 6 times the national debt of the US.

This was the original plan to provide the NWO with sufficient money, whereby the population could continue to be used as a slave.

Through the unelected corrupt EU, the NWO is still trying to push through with their Climate Fraud.

It is therefore logical that the Cabal should be completely removed from its dominant position in order to be able to start the RV and announcement of GESARA.

I have now only mentioned Indonesia's GOLD, which is only the smallest fund.

Africa's mineral resources are a multiple of this, so now it will also become clear why the EU wants to commit itself to Africa, and a mass of imports of Africans should be imported according to Cabal Frans Timmermans of the EU and Globalist Macron, Rutte and Merkel.

The Alliance of US, Russia, Africa, China and BRICS countries have therefore built a new financial infrastructure with the AIIB Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

It houses all the value of the whole world, the stolen wealth of the world's population, and all the world's resources in GOLD, diamonds Oil, ores and birth certificates of the entire world's population.

If the information I have read is correct, this would represent an amount of 1 with 58 zeros which will be managed by the quantum financial system QFS in a CIPS protocol instead of the FED bankers.

The arrest of more than 70,887 Cabal members is a prerequisite for the transition.

That is why the military tribunals that started in Guantánamo (GITMO) in Cuba from 2 January 2019 are one of the conditions that must be met.

It will be clear that almost all Western governments will fall by this transition.

Let the tribunals do their job, and not be tempted by personal revenge against these inhumane Cabal members, not to lower us to their level.

GESARA is the instrument to start a new life, the current illegal repressive rule of law will expire, and there will be no more political cartel patience.

The control and power comes back to the population, the deliberate poisoning of the World population will stop, so Chemtrails will soon be a thing of the past.

Suppressed inventions will be released to thrive as humanity in happiness and peace.

GMO food will be banned, we will live in harmony with nature, air and water will be clean again.

The deliberate manipulation of Weather and jet stream by HAARP will disappear, so that the water household of the earth will get its natural course again.

Deserts are going to become oases with a nice climate to live in, all Migrants have their own paradise on earth and can return to their own country to make their dream come true, with the help of the whole world community.

All of this with mutual respect for each other, so we will see that religion were tools to divide and set ourselves up against each other.

Every culture will experience its own form of transition, in which peace will be guaranteed, earlier indoctrination will be broken with all the revelations that lie ahead.

We have all suffered under the old system, the desire for peace will guide us to the future in peace and happiness.

It was an honour for me to be part of this with my personal commitment and longing for this freedom, to come out of the suffocating oppression of the Cabal.

Think it's time for a party like Trump has announced that many people will be happy at the beginning of January 2019.

The battle is not over yet, but it is placed far in the right direction to start the RV and announce GESARA.

It is entirely my understanding of what I have written here, where everyone can have his own interpretation of his experience, as long as I do not have to discuss it, with people who have a limited information source.

Where also I don't have to be completely right in my story, I can make mistakes, which makes that I can learn from my mistakes, I’m human.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen