"The QFS and the GCR are Golden" by Ron Giles - 12.9.18


The shills are lurking about on IDC, trying to discredit the greatest financial advancement of all time… the Quantum Financial System. This misunderstanding may be a result of fact that the QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been presented to the world before. It is like an antigravity machine compared to a car. There is no real basis to understand this technology. It has no peer, it has no equivalent in advanced technology that anyone has had before. It is new. It reigns supreme in the technology it uses to accomplish the financial security and transparency we as currency holders need to perform our humanitarian goals. With the QFS, we can flood the world with gold-backed currencies that are intended to eliminate the old Cabal system of the central control of all financial transactions.

With the activation of the QFS, the Alliance will have completely destroyed the Central Bank, banking system that was designed to destroy the world economy and put the world population into debt slavery. The truth is, the QFS has been running in parallel with the Central Banking System for many months and has countered many hacking attempts to steal funds by the Cabal. Many bankers have been arrested as a result. Poor devils, they have been defeated. Yea! (pun intended)

Can anyone of us believe that this will have happened without the despicable ones throwing, everything and anything at us to stop this from happening? Would they not activate every Cabal shill, every disgusting false flag, everything, and anything to stop this from happening? Not on your life. They are taking their last gasp of air before the weight of their ‘death plans’ comes crashing down on their pathetic, baby-blood-drinking, bodies.

What is there about the QFS that stops them in their tracks? Let’s take a look.

We, earthlings, do not have the technology to fight the old ways, so the Heavens had to intervene with off-world, or perhaps other dimensional, technologies to accomplish the job. We can know this to be true when embedded in the Quantum Computer is an intelligence that comes with non-3D creations. No 3D creation comes with a sentient being that embodies the creation as a living entity. That's why they had to create Artificial Intelligence (AI), they had to come up with something to take the place of a sentient being. A spiritual entity is invoked to complete the physical creation for all creations above the fourth dimension. Our earth is a living entity with the life force being the Planetary Logos. The QFS is considered to be alive with a Quantum Benevolent Intelligence that interacts with each financial transaction anywhere in the world of finance, to ensure that it is; legal, owner-intended, and transparent. If one understands Quantum Physics then one can understand what effect this Quantum Intelligence is doing with each financial transaction that goes through the Quantum Financial System. It cannot be compromised.

Gold-backed currencies

Only gold-backed currencies that have a digital gold certificate can be transferred through the QFS. Period. The gold certificate references a serial number on a piece of gold held in reserve to back the currency. Off-world technologies are used to quarantine the gold used to back currencies. There is no way it can be stolen or taken out of the secure vaults where they are stored. That is why it is called gold-backed currency, it has to reference back to the piece of gold that is backing it. References to ‘asset-backed currencies’ is the process of establishing a currency based on assets within the country of origin. Assets are the justification to establish the amount of currency available in a country, but all denominations of currencies must be reconciled within the QFS and given a gold certificate to be active within the QFS. If the assets are mined or extracted from the earth, they will be sold on the marketplace as with any other commodity. This process is humongous and a task of no small feat to accomplish. But it is a process that is required to ensure value to the worldwide currencies being used in the QFS. If any Fiat currencies that cannot be reconciled as clean, clear, and non-terroristic and not established to support illegal activities, which disqualifies most Fiat currencies, then it will not become a legal currency in the QFS. Period. If you own Fiat currencies and received it doing legal activities it will be exchanged for gold-backed currencies at the bank. The word here is ‘reconciliation’ and the reconciliation is done by a benevolent sentient being from the 5th dimension. Welcome benevolent sister, your services are appreciated.

Without the ability to reconcile old money into the new QFS, all Central Bank activities will cease to have relevance within this new financial system. Any country that is not GESAR/NESARA compliant will be left out of the QFS and will eventually be left out of international trade. Their boat load of oil or grans, or whatever, are still valuable but how is a GESARA compliant nation going to pay for commodities to a non-participant in the QFS? The money will not be transferred. Non-compliant countries, if any, will be left to barter commodities or work out a credit exchange with other countries, a system that is not presently set up to do business at any level of relevancy. Talk about third world countries – non-compliant countries will be relegated to fourth or fifth world countries.

GCR – Global Currency Reset

The Alliance will use a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of currency available, "in country," to be gold-backed in the QFS. The results of the formula will establish a fair value of one county's assets to another. There is way more gold than needed to accomplish the gold-backing of all world currencies. Once established through the GCR, the price of gold will be irrelevant. If the price of gold goes up the value of all currencies go up as well resulting in no net change to the par value of all currencies. The formula includes; inground assets, the economy of the country, population (which is a country asset), and a number of other factors to determine the value of the country. This formula is applied to each country so that all currencies will be on par value with any other country. The application of the formula and the common value of all gold means that one country's currency has the same value as another country’s currency. This is called the Global Currency Reset - the reset of all currencies on par with all other world currencies and they each have a gold certificate to validate authenticity. It is the requirement of each country to use the reset formula and apply the worldwide standards so that the QFS can function as planned. That is why a country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS.

This is my understanding. I hope it makes as much sense to you as it does to me. The QFS and the GCR are Golden.

Ron Giles