"GCR/RV, Zim Bonds, and Zimbabwe" by Ron Giles - 9.15.18


Through the tapestry of intel comes the reality of what is taking place, UNLESS one does not see what can be seen.

The value of the Zim Bonds ends up being astronomical. How can that be? The narrative begins with the use of the in-ground assets by the Zimbabwean Government under the Mugabe Regime. The assets have been prostituted for personal gain. When a puppet dictator tries to take back what he has sold to the Cabal, he and the country will suffer. He's lucky he was not killed by his people.

Pledging assets to back a bond before you own it is not only unwise, it can destroy a country and drive it into bankruptcy. The real problem for the RBZ (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) occurred when they used bonds for currency. The idea of using bonds for currency was an attempt to deceive the Zimbabwean people to believe in value that did not exist in functional form. Bonds are a contract of value, entered into by participating parties - the seller and the buyer of the Bonds. The use of Bonds to promulgated value by the Zimbabwean Government was an attempt to create a belief in value of the Bond as currency. It didn’t work. The defunct Zim Bonds used as currency; the Zim Bonds we hold and expect to redeem, had no date of maturity, only a promise to pay the bearer on demand. This printed promise to pay is a legal debt for the nation of Zimbabwe. In-ground assets were used to, “Back,” bonds with money, “yet to be obtained.” Without, “present value,” or cash to redeem the bonds, the bonds were useless from day one, they could not be redeemed for real money; as in USD, Chinese Yuan, or South African Rand. The government pushed them as valuable but the people soon realized they had been duped. They quickly became wall paper or an interesting novelty. The issue of ownership of in-ground asset, became a major problem for the Zimbabwe Government as well. Out of country ownership of in-ground assets was never conveyed back to Zimbabwe to be able to secure the claim of ownership of the assets. Without a valid claim their issuance of Bonds was fraudulent. They were sanctioned by the international community and without money to redeem, the bonds became useless, as mentioned, not only internationally but in-country as well. The US legislature passed the ZEDRA bill giving the assets back to Zimbabwe, (as if we had legitimate ownership and control of another countries assets - Cabal tentacles again; set up a dictator, obtain ownership of the countries assets and watch the country destroy itself.). This one act of re-conveyance of ownership, begins the legitimate use of in-ground assets to back said Bonds.

The next problem was the Sextillions or more, of funds necessary to redeem outstanding Zim Bonds. The NPTB, along with the Chinese Elders and their gold, have, in effect, through agreement and contract, purchased the Zimbabwean in-ground assets, and pledged their gold-backed currencies to Bond Holders to redeem the Bonds.Today's Operation Disclosure states:

The RV (exchanging/redeeming of Zimbabwe bond notes specifically) will clear Zimbabwe of their national debt.

The Zimbabwean Government has become legitimate again and are poised to begin their climb from obscurity to a powerful internationally recognized country. All of Africa will take its rightful place as an economic giant and the new breadbasket for the world’s food source.

NOTE: there is a huge underground aquifer under most of Africa that can be tapped and used to provide water for agriculture and other industrial activities. With its plentiful annual rainfall to replenish the aquifer, it acts like a storage reservoir that seems endless in its ability to provide for the needs of Africa and the extended world markets. However, Africans need to be healed first. Investments into infrastructure and water through specific grants, is an opportunity for Trillionaires to use their RV/Zim redemption funds for enhanced water use. This alone will stop famine and food shortages in Africa, and the growing food stuffs will be used all over the world. This should be a priority target for many humanitarian activities.

As the governments of the 209 countries; the ones that signed up for the QFS/GCR and the GESARA compliant community of nations, are making the necessary changes, we are on the verge of the single most critical nest-step event in the history of the world, the RV. The army of Sovereign, non-combatants, are waiting in the wings. Everything being done, supports the Zim redemption and the RV exchange. In preparation, we are one by one, making our claim to the divine designation of, “Sovereign.” A Sovereign is a stewardship responsibility to be the law giver, the law keeper and the protector of those given to us, to raise in the knowledge of their divine origin and nature. Until each, Sovereign in waiting, raises their voice and declares, by proclamation, to be a Sovereign, then we will be ruled over by others who have raised their voices, received their divine calling and accepted their stewardship responsibility as a Sovereign. Sociology at its best. This is where we symbolically volunteer to crawl into the Monarch Cocoon to go through the natural change and emerge as the Monarch Sovereign. Having gone through this natural change, the mantle, of love and service, will descend on our shoulders and we get to engage in the work of ascension for mankind. Are we all Sovereigns, are we all Masters of the physical realm? We will see. Are we emerging adult Gods or do we remain as irresponsible teenagers with no direction? You be your own judge. For me, I claim my Godship; I claim my Sovereignty; I accept the stewardship responsibility of a Sovereign; and, I AM ready and prepared to do my part. I may not be perfect as the world judges perfection, but I AM stalking that illusive status as a perfect creation of My Father and Mother, and with Their Loving Grace, that victory is mine, even as I start.

I offer this as the Divine Vision of who we are as Sovereigns. I have a profound love and respect for those who claim to be who they really are and then act accordingly. Like Jesus said so long ago, greater things than I have done, ye shall do. It is now our time to do the greater things that Jesus said we would do, as he saw ahead to our day those many thousand of years ago. Let us all be about our Father’s business and begin/finish this clean-up scene.

In Love and Light

Ron Giles