Spiritual Protection Tools Every Empath Should Know


An empath is a person who can sense subtle energies around them—environmental, spiritual, and emotional. Unlike highly sensitive people, an empath can be an extrovert, but without spiritual and mental protection, empaths often resort to more time alone. Being an empath can teach you a lot about the world and others around you, things that others may not know. The con to being an empath is that it can become overwhelming to feel everyone’s emotional state all the time. There is no need to hermit yourself though. All you need is spiritual protection tools for yourself, and you can lead an active social life without it becoming too much.

How Do I know If I am An Empath?

Most empaths share similar traits.
  • Do you absorb the emotions of other people?
  • Are you highly intuitive?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you are too close to someone?
  • Do you feel more energized by nature?
These traits are common in empaths. It is also likely for empaths to experience stressful emotions like panic attacks and depression because of their sensitivity to them.
If you think you are one, what you need are spiritual protection tools to keep yourself grounded, centered, and open to communicate openly to release the emotions you feel.

Empath Spiritual Protection Tools

First of all, as an empath, you need to develop and be strict about your boundaries. Boundaries are one of your most needed spiritual protection tools.
Empathic people have huge hearts and always want to help others. You have to be aware when you are helping and when you are wasting your energy that you have not replenished yet. It is also important to watch out for energy vampires as they are often drawn to empaths. You feel drained every time you are communicating with a particular person—this relationship may not be serving you.

The other tools you can use:

Learn time management

This may seem more of a mental tool than a spiritual protection tool but it is both. This is because an empath is drawn to help others, it is hard for you to say no to people. This can lead to a lot of time taken out of your schedule every day. Learning how to manage time and decline some projects and other requests is your remedy here.

You need to identify things that are a complete drain of your energy and your time and avoid them.

Time management is also needed so that you make sure you spend enough time replenishing your energy with things like meditation and being in nature.

Meditate regularly

As an empath, you need to prevent negative thoughts and feelings from living in your mind. To help with that, meditating regularly will prove itself to be one of the best spiritual protection tools.

Meditation will help you monitor your thoughts and not let the negative ones in, or even better, teach you to quiet your mind altogether.

When a thought or a feeling comes to you during a meditation or at any other time, ask yourself: “Is it mine?” Chances are, it is not, and you picked it up from someone else.

Go out in nature

To restore your energy after a stressful day or week, being in nature is life-changing. It helps to do it alone, combining nature with your needed ‘me time.’
Empaths feel a closer connection with nature, including trees and animals. If you feel called to hug a tree or watch squirrels play in the woods, these small acts can change your energy instantly.

Most importantly, nature heals, and there is almost no bad day that a stroll in nature cannot fix.

Wear or keep protective stones

Another way to ground is by using outside objects with strong energy such as healing stones. Most stones (except some that came from out of space) have a great connection to Mother Earth, which helps you ground to its energy. Black stones in particular act as grounding and protective devices. These include black tourmaline, obsidian, and onyx.

Develop great communication

Because empaths feel too much when closely connected to another person, romantic relationships can get tough as often an empath will need more alone time than their partner. This is where proper communication comes in.

Communication can be a spiritual protection tool when used as one.

If an empath learns to express everything they feel freely, it will open up the world of possibilities. You may need to ask to take mini-breaks from your partner throughout the day if you live with or spend the whole day together. You may need more physical space like a bigger bed or your own relaxation room at home.

Create and use your own energy shield

Finally, this is a non-physical spiritual protection tool but one you can take anywhere.

It is not always possible to avoid all stressful situations and draining people. Every once in a while you may end up sitting next to an energy vampire with no ways to move to another seat or going to highly emotional events or places; like visiting someone in a hospital. Neither situation will drain you if you create and use your own energy shield to protect yourself.

It is a mental and spiritual barrier that you envision around yourself as a bumble of light that nothing negative can penetrate. Try creating one in your daily life to practice with and soon it will be strong enough to handle any situation—and so will you.