5 Interesting Ancient Sites that are Believed to be Built by Aliens


1. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is found outside of Salisbury in the English countryside. It is a huge circle created by stones. These Stones weigh between 30-60 tons Modern researchers still do not know why the stones are there. Some think that the site could be a model of our solar system because the stones are aligned with solstices and eclipses.

Modern Experts are still unable to figure out how the massive stones were transported and positioned because most of the stones have ended up hundreds of miles from where they originally were found. Even if it was ancient people who built stonehenge they were focused on space or the heavens for some reason.

2. The Pyramids

Most of the pyramids are found just outside of Cairo, in Giza. Most of which were built more than 4,500 years ago. It has been claimed they were used as sacred tombs for the pharaohs. .The pyramids were also built aligned with stars in Orion’s belt. Most pyramids were made with millions of previously placed stones weighing at least two tons. Even with today’s technology building a pyramid would be a massive challenge.

There is some written evidence that suggest how the pyramids were built in those times such as how they moved blocks but even then a lot is left out and this leaves archaeologists with a lot of questions and yet it isn’t fully clear how the pyramids were built and how they were built so quickly.

3. Easter Island

The head statues found on Easter Island are called Moai. They were carved between 1100-1680 CE. You can find about 887 completed statues and over 400 of them are still in construction on the island They all weigh around 10-14 tons and average about 13 feet tall. They are made from soft volcanic tuff. In 2010 it was discovered that many of these head statues also have bodies that were buried underground.


There is a lot of mystery surrounding these statues because nobody knows why or how they were sculpted more than 1,000 years ago. How did their bodies end up being buried underground?. Why are some left unfinished? There is a lot of questions but some people speculate they were carved for religious or ritual reasons or the people who lived there a long time ago were influenced by aliens.

4. Teotihuacán
Teotihuacán was the largest city in the Western Hemisphere before the 1400s. Its name means “The City of Gods.” It covers over eight square miles and was completely built by hand. It is currently home to the Aztecs but they didn’t build it, they just found it and named it. It was abandoned by a civilization that had about 100,000 people occupying it. The civilization that lived there before must have had similar technology that the ancient egyptians had.


Teotihuacán is quite a mysterious place, it contains some pyramids and it is astronomically aligned. The biggest structure in Teotihuacán is called the Pyramid of the Sun and it is one of the largest constructions in the Western Hemisphere. The pyramid’s alignment is based on calendrical cycles. Due to Teotihuacán’s age, size, origin and complexity many question if it was made by human hands.

5. Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are found etched into a plateau in the Peruvian desert that is 200 miles southeast of Lima. There is more than 800 long, straight white lines that make up 300 geometric shapes and 70 figures of animals and plants .The biggest figure takes up 1,200 feet The best view is from the sky. Which leads people to the belief that they were created by aliens.


The reason for why they were made is still being questioned. Scientists believe that the lines are older than two millennia. It was suspected in the early 1900s that the designs were supposed to be aligned with constellations or solstices but more recent studies suggest it could have been for ritual sites.