A Message to Lightworkers – June 11, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, great bringers of a New Day, a New Era in Earth life!

This week a Lightworker wrote in with a question on an issue affecting many on the Earth now, as you heal or let go of all that is not yours to carry, while wishing to retain the wisdom that can be gained from Earth experiences:

QUESTION: My question is on the theme of how humanity is processing old wounds, and how we as Lightworkers are processing this in our collective consciousness.

This past week marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy after he won the California delegate vote in 1968. I was only eight years old then, and have little or no memory of the event [from that time].

[This past week] I listened to people speak about the great promise and empathy RFK had for all people, and how beloved he was—seen as a beacon of Hope at that time.

I was moved to tears over and over again, as I felt the loss of this man who held such promise to humanity, but was taken from us before he had the chance to bring freedom, justice, and equality to so many.

My question is, Am I processing and releasing these old wounds, brought back to the surface in order for humanity to realize that this Promise can once again be brought to light?

How are we, as humanity, to remember and celebrate the lives, long and short, of those who worked to move us forward?

As we look to bring about the New Earth and a Heavenly view, how do we weave the lives of the heroes of our past—which were at times flawed, but still focused on a better world—into the conversation and consciousness of our changing world?

RFK never really held any deep thoughts in my psyche, but at second glance, I am seeing the deep wisdom such people held for us all at the time, although we weren’t able to hear it.

Photo by Lynne Newman

The Collective: Greetings, dear one!

You and billions of others are indeed processing much that is yours to process, and releasing much that is not yours to process or transmute.

For much travels through you—through your mind, emotions, and etheric body—on this Earth plane that is not for you to wrangle with, nor to take on as being relevant to your life path or soul existence.

Yet you experience all you encounter as having to do with you, because you came into this and every Earth life with nearly no boundaries energetically.

This is the state of third dimensional life, which though you are now Ascending beyond it, has nevertheless left a powerful mark on how you view life and how you view your soul purpose and intention for this Earth life.

The life and physical death of Robert F. Kennedy is one of the iconic moments of American history, and one in which, as they say, one remembers where they were at the time, if they were on Earth and old enough to hear the news reports.

Yet we would say, can you realize that what that human being and many others gave to the world has not disappeared?

Can you carry, as you would carry the work of a John Lennon or a Martin Luther King Jr, the beauty and brilliance of their life and message—even knowing their inner struggles—and honor them by living out their message, without feeling it has been lost?

This is one of the most challenging parts of being a human being in the physical: to realize that what you call “life” is not a matter of the body being awake and moving.

It is actually a great, unconfined flow of energy that races through your Earth, your consciousness, the galaxy, the Universe—all of it moving into greater and higher expression and purpose, at every moment.

So that no precious thing is ever lost just because it changes form, from the physical to the purely etheric.

Surely Dr King’s message and example, the music and message of John Lennon, and the work and ideals of John F Kennedy, are all celebrated and held all the more dear, because you lost them to the physical when you did.

While they were young men, full of vision and hope for the world.

It is perhaps a source of amusement or at least irony to some, that those who would put out the bright Light of one candle find that in doing so, they create the lighting of many thousands more, in increasing numbers and increasing brilliance, as the years go by.

So that the message and example of these fine Light Beings, whose souls’ power were far bigger than their physical bodies could uphold, are not at all lost.

They are in fact magnified many times over in the context of their having been apparently “lost.”

We would say, that your greatest gift to them, and to yourselves and to others, is to uphold that same intercultural desire to embrace not only those all over the Earth with an open heart and good will, but also your galactic family members from other stars and planets.


All of these good folk, and many others less known to you, knew of the intergalactic nature of Earth life.

It is why several of them were removed from the planet at the time that they were.

And yet, the irony remains.

Because then the populace poured out their love for these astounding, brave warriors of Divine Light, Divine Peace, Divine Love—and in so doing, magnified the effects of these persons’ work and life journeys many millions of times over.

Yes, you are most assuredly processing the grief of millions, dear one.

Yet you are mainly processing your own sadness.

For if you did not have the sadness of loss already present in your own spirit, you would not be expressing it at the thought of one good man taken out off this Earth, now or 50 years ago.

Release all that is not yours to carry—call out to your Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self at least once a day, and require them to disengage your energies from all past life trauma, current life trauma, all ancestral and family influences that are not for your higher good, and all energetic interferences, presences, and etheric cords of all kinds that are likewise not yours to feel, express, or carry in your energies.

For what you are doing is moving from a society (a planet) that mourns losses into one that celebrates Life in whatever form you find it—even that which transfers to the etheric, when its work here is done.

You needn’t refer only to the heroes of the past, as you are yourselves are carrying and anchoring the higher Light of your soul, of fifth dimensional Earth, of the higher realms.

Though these dear ones you mention had their beautiful role to play, they would be the first to say that the role you and your fellow Light Warriors now play, anchoring and establishing 5D energies and higher Light into Earth and Earth consciousness, is many thousands of times more important.

They began the paving of the road—you are walking it.


Do so with thanks for them, but equal thanks for all that you and your fellow Light Beings have brought and are co-Creating now, in so many brilliant and astounding ways.

Honor them and your own soul by being your own true brightest, most joyful self, releasing all that keeps you from such, as you release all grudges, sadness, and feelings of loss.

Now is your time to find and to celebrate your own brilliant higher self, who is a very high and fine Light Being indeed, such as the world has never seen, and will never, in its deepest heart, forget.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.
Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan