Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, May 25, 2018

Time is beginning to pass even faster than previously and it is a definite sign that the changes are speeding up. Much is waiting to be revealed that will bring into being changes that are very desirable and will be welcomed by all. The old is slowly being replaced by the new that shall make it clear that the New Age is underway. Humanity is beginning to understand how their presence on Earth is affecting the planet, and is looking to move away from those things that continue to support the negative vibrations. In this respect much progress has been made through the creation of smaller groups of dedicated people that are doing their best to bring harmony to everyone. It is also attracting more people who seek to bring more Light to the Earth. The positive effects will snowball and help raise the vibrations even further, and it is all being achieved in very arduous and trying circumstances.
The division between those of the Light and those of the negative vibrations is increasing all of the time, and it will reach a point where it will result in a great upliftment in consciousness. Over a period of time there has been a move to create more harmony upon Earth, and it is succeeding to the point where not just the threat of war has been eliminated, but peaceful co-existence is being pursued that will bring the peoples of different countries together. The futility of war resulting in the deaths of millions of souls is seen as repugnant, when co-operation can be achieved with friendly exchanges and a determination to make wars a thing of the past. It shows that the willingness of many countries to join together in a common pursuit of freedom and happiness can now be achieved.
The people are being encouraged to think New Age and being given ideas that should hasten their advancement that will bring into being life and time saving inventions. The knowledge has already been given to those in a position to act upon them, but there will continue to be opposition from those who like to keep the “status quo”. Be assured that nothing will be allowed to prevent the advancements that the new inventions will give you. Those who stand in the way of their introduction will be removed, and none will be able to block such advancements.
The younger generations have a different kind of mind set, and the ability to see ways of bringing peace about where the older generations have failed. It is no criticism of their attempts to solve the problem, but sometimes you can be so involved in it that you cannot see a way out. Clearly the people have had enough of warfare and the consequent loss of life, and yearn for a solution to stop the carnage and waste of human life. Karmic lessons have been learned and there remains nothing to be gained by prolonging pointless death and destruction. It is time to put all differences aside and learn to live together as one, in happiness and loving cooperation.
Humans are by nature loving and considerate, but have a persona that often makes them appear as very cold and unable to express their feelings. With the upliftment in the vibrations they will inevitably change as people become more open in showing their love for each other. You are one Human Race regardless of colour or religious beliefs, and there is no reason why you should not come together while at the same time respecting the differences that occur between you. It is time to set aside those things that are in the way of peace, and appreciate that it is the differences that maintains your special place in history.
As you have been informed a number of times when the vibrations have reached a certain high point, those souls who have been unable to reach the same level will of necessity move to a different path to continue their evolution and those who can continue lifting up, will then go all of the way to Ascension. It is a natural progression that enables you to enjoy complete freedom in a vibration that is so pure that only the truth can exist. Meantime you will gradually change at each stage of upliftment, and progress will be unhindered as previously when you had to experience the presence of those of lower vibrations.
You represent only one aspect of your Higher Self and it is so that you can concentrate on your life experiences. Few have knowledge of their life plan, and this is so that you respond to it in a natural way according to your level of intuition and experience. Each life plan is tailored exactly for your needs and if successful represents another step forward, as a lesson well learnt never has to be repeated again. Naturally you have had a say as to the degree of difficulty your life plan may represent, and in this way you will not take on more than you can manage. By now you will also be aware that your Guides keep a watchful eye on you, and will give their help if it is needed. They have ways and means of ensuring you keep to your agreed path, and are as eager as you are to ensure your whole life is successful. That will include any form of karma that you still have not cleared, although it must be said that it will be that which you may have incurred since the New Age commenced in 2012.
In your minds you will need to be prepared for the time that approaches when visitors from other planets will openly come to Earth. It will be by arrangement and symbolize the first official visit of extraterrestrial’s who desire peaceful contact and friendly cooperation. It will not happen overnight as circumstances upon Earth must be such that there is no risk whatsoever of interference. Various matters will clearly have to be sorted out in advance to ensure a peaceful meeting that should result in an exchange of information that will be of benefit to both sides. Your future is Galactic although it is way ahead of where you are at the present moment. However, it is your destiny to be Space travelers and explore the great beyond. As the vibrations lift up you will also benefit from a longer life, as aging will dramatically slow down.
Change is everywhere around you as the old is breaking up to make way for the new, that is long overdue. All over the world many people are working on new devices and systems that will quickly move you into the New Age. Life will become more tolerable and enjoyable as you will have more time for your own pursuits. The lost years will quickly be made up to you with all of the benefits of advancements that have long been held back. It will take quite a time for them to reach every part of the world, but with new technologies it will be less than you can probably imagine. Good times are beckoning and will materialise in accordance with the plan for Humanity’s advancement, which opportunity has been planned for a very long time. You will welcome the changes, so get yourselves ready to enjoy them.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.