Messages from Ann & the Angels - 05/12/2018 • The You Beyond Death

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart! There is no death. You live eternally, changing costumes, changing lives, and yet never you never lose the essence of who you truly are. You let go of the illusions of your material life each time you transition, but you keep the memories, the lessons, and most importantly the love.

Let's do a little exercise to illustrate this. Shut your eyes and imagine that you are having a life on an exotic tropical island. What might you be doing? Who would be around you? Next, shut your eyes and imagine that you have a life in a beautiful cabin in the mountains. What does it look like? Who is around you? What is that life like? Keep this up with as many lives as you like. You can imagine present lives, "past" lives, or even lives in the future.

As you continue to imagine different lives, realize that they all live within you. You can check in on each one of these and see how each one is doing. As you learn something in your “inner” life on the island, perhaps you will apply that wisdom to your “inner” life in the mountains, or even your “outer life” that you live now.

If you play with this exercise each day, asking each personality what it has learned and perhaps gently suggesting and guiding each, then you have become like your very own soul!

If your lives are like roses, the soul is the rosebush.

Your soul is the real you, the essence of who you are. Your lifetimes are like shows that you act and star in. You write the script and edit it as you go along. Just like an actor or actress has a "true identity" above and beyond all the parts they play, your soul is your "true identity." Beyond that even, the Divine is your true identity... but we'll leave that discussion for another day.

Now, can you imagine... Everything is happening right now. Your soul is starring in past, present, and future lives all at once, as surely as an actor or actress might star in several television shows playing all at once. Your soul has an awareness of all of these roles, and helps them learn from one another.

This is not so “far out” as you might imagine. For example, within you lives an inner child, an inner tyrant, an inner healer, an inner wise person. Maybe you have several inner children – an innocent playful one, a creative one, a rebellious teenager… The list could go on for some time.

At various times, various parts of yourself “come to the surface.” Sometimes you act out and get upset and you haven’t a clue why. Perhaps your “rebellious inner teen” is coming to the surface. Maybe you just need a little nurturing. That could be the “sweet inner child” needing a hug.

Ideally you – the adult you – takes care of each of these parts as they reveal themselves in your day to day life, learning from each, evolving each, and most importantly loving each. Your soul, takes care of each of its lifetimes in similar fashion –  learning from each, assisting each it their evolution, and most importantly loving itself in all its roles.

So what does this mean in your daily lives? This means you need not fear death. You need not fear loss. You are eternal. You will see your loved ones who have transitioned before you. They walk with you right now, sometimes in spirit right next to you, sometimes connected as if by an intangible “spiritual wi-fi.”

You need not fear “missing out” on anything because you have eternity to experience anything you might wish. You need not fear your “mistakes” because they are simply opportunities to learn. You need not fear anything dear ones because in the physical world it is all temporary.

You are grand, glorious, amazing, incomprehensibly magnificent beings! More than you can possibly imagine, you are multi-faceted, wise, and have so much depth it would take volumes to write your story.

Take delight in this dear ones. You are nothing less than the love of God, dreamed by the creator, having your very own dreams of lives and adventures.

You live within the infinite, love without limits, and are free to manifest and explore any existence you choose. We are here to lovingly support you in the adventure.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels