Geopolitical RV/GCR Report: "Discernment" - April 9, 2018

Dear Human Angels,
I haven’t posted publicly in awhile for many reasons, primarily two: Health and Safety. But the events of the last two weekends have prompted me to the computer as to pump out one last and final post to this amazing community of do-gooders.

Prior to the Gregorian calendar Easter of Sunday April 1, 2018 and then the Julian calendar Easter of Sunday April 8, 2018… I was asked to be on a conference calls. between 9-11pm EST as to give out the 800#s. I’m sure all you all probably suspected that and why the audiences were so large.

I did these two “final calls” because I trusted and respected my intelligence community contacts. Yet neither call resulted in an 800# release, nor either of the following Sunday’s when I was asked asked to stay up late and be available in wee hour time frames.

Again, those dates come and went, and thus were big nothing burgers as well. So all my contacts have now lost my trust.

If asked again, I will not do a third call after my announced retirement on March 31, 2018. Perhaps I was being used as sacrificial lamb to induce a cabal attack, but out of good conscious I can’t keep getting people excited without results.

Normally I brush off such wastes of time as necessary psy-op misdirections or pump fakes… but this past weekend really taught me something—the situation is fluid and not fixed, and so too must I be.

By any measure, it was openly understood to the global intel community that the end of March, or by Easter we would see and feel the RV, as to celebrate of the resurrection and future ascension of Christ. Didn’t happen.

We heard the same thing back at the start of of Q1 (October) and Q2 (January)… nothing materialized. Now we’re into Q3 (April) and again, no release. Are you seeing a pattern here. That after 10 years of planning and execution their still not ready to pull the trigger.

Who exactly is that? Not ready to heal the soul of the world?

So darkness may become light. And the beautiful metaphor of Easter, as well as the environmental influences of winter (darkness, death, war, not God) blossoming into spring buds (light, life, peace, God) can manifest as planned long in advance by the Chinese, Africans and Russians.

But it seems they too are being held back, unable to perform their tasks as promised—which to me is now very clear. The entire world is waiting on something and perhaps someone… but who?

This is why the world is still consumed with false news, false chemical attacks and war baiting of real attacks. Making the latest series of delays, on the NPTB as much as the OPTB.

Nobody can do anything it appears until all geopolitical matters are 100% settled and calmed down so that it’s safe to start the RV and launch the world forward.

It is known without questions that the RV was scheduled to start two weekends ago, delayed a week due to safety concerns, then rescheduled only be delayed again for Middle Eastern security reasons in Syria / Israel.

And while I understand the desire for a precision timed release, I do, with no collateral damage--the cabal also knows this is the NPTB’s desire, and thus consistently provides them with an opportunity to question themselves, their timing, as to delay and distract from the inevitable… a formal transfer of power for global governance in all areas.

This is nothing new. The only reason the cabal does these evil things is because that’s why they exist, to create mayhem and cause fear, which lowers the overall planetary vibration as to keep humanity enslaved.

That’s what they do.

However, every act they take to create such an outcome too is an opportunity to shorten their reign of madness—which the NPTB know, so they allow it to happen. As with every false flag storyline, fake chemical attack, leveraged media play, their reversal of power position is strengthened, accelerating the net/net transition from dark to light—even if such events create temporary delays—ultimately they eliminate the cabal faster.

So basically what we have playing out here is a battle between fear and love, and as a species we are being left to find a balance point in the middle—and only then will the RV start—as both sides know exactly how the end game scenario plays out. Each knows the financial war is over, and these small turf wars are but idiotic fires left to put out.

Yet still they battle for every inch of the earth… more fear than love… even though there’s way more love on the surface of the earth than ever before.

Perhaps what’s happing now, literally is the end negotiating moments of a hearted and bitter divorce, where a couple with 209 sovereign children, continue to bicker over a handful of key military and strategic positions before exhausting all open issues and just move forward.

This includes places like Ukraine (bordering Russia), like Syria (bordering Israel), like Yemen (bordering Saudi Arabia), like the Congo (near Zimbabwe) and like North Korea (who boarders South Korea, China and Russia).

All of these mild flare ups are important military pressure points meant to influence both the new and old power structures long-term. That is if there were ever to be a war again. Which is not the case.

Meaning, the finical aspects of the transition have been long set, and thus these temporary issues are not issues at all—just love playing out as fear until fear is exhausted enough to stop struggling and let love overtake the planet.

This is contrary to internet gurus who need conflict and scandal to keep you clicking away. They too focus more on fear than love. And by feeding this obsession, so also acknowledge that fear is greater than love and slow down RV release timing.

Look, Africa has even signed off all reserve assets to start the RV after 13 millennia—so why haven’t we started?

Collectively we’re the problem as we feed the fear machine more than the love mechanism.

Fear and love is still not yet in proper balance on the surface of the earth to begin. We know this because we haven’t yet begun the RV publicly.

Thus the one I believe is in charge of evaluating this balance, even massaging it to an acceptable release level, is former President and current Galactic Commander Barack Obama.

Hence why Trump blamed Obama for Syria’s woes this weekend. He’s pissed Obama won’t “let it go” because he’s tired of playing a fake president and wants to go back to NYC.

Yup, without an Obama sign off, there will be no RV for anyone.

You see, the reason the RV hasn’t released yet is not that the cabal continues to fight for scraps post RV, as once GESARA terms were set everyone knows very well what horrific penalties and consequences will come to nations if they were fall out of agreed to global compliance boudaries.

All "final battles” now being waged prior to the RV, are due to human beings still operating in fear, as to avoid catastrophic future economic penalties because they struggle to settle their differences pre-RV with love in their hearts.

True stuff, folks. Think about it?

So please, please, please use your discernment as to all the breaking news headlines, wire releases and military actions witnessed hourly on radio, tv, social media, news feeds and the Internet in general. As all news is fake, regardless of the channel or personality giving it to you.

As this is how and why mass media was created—one coordinated propaganda machine to lower the collective frequency of humanity.

We must move past fear and into a loving space of existence, permanently.

And honestly, piecing together what’s really happening behind the fake storylines takes acute study, which most of you are unwilling to give because you’re living out your lives.

Many of you if not most to all of you must daily provide for your families, and simply don’t have time to read tea leaves like myself.

Thus, discerning what is genuinely happening is almost impossible for you—no matter where you look or whom you talk to—so stop. Let God be God. And you be you.

As trying to stay in the know is exhausting ain’t it? It’s also becoming downright depressing, at least it has for me.

In fact, I’m now hearing stories of people that cannot go to sleep or wake up without a general heaviness of body and thought, which continually lowers their soul vibration and physically is now a threat to their lives.

Being a Human Angel meanings knowing the out coming and letting it come.

We love humanity with a new top down philanthropic approach versus an old bottom up survival mentality.

Together we can and will heal the soul of the world (by raising it’s collective vibration through acts of abundant mercy and charity).

And just let the ZIM be that financial resource that fuels our fire for massive and meaningful planetary change.

Just know there is no stopping the RV or you as a Human Angel. Such a historic financial transition of wealth and power cannot be reversed now (i.e. it’s reality is not going away).

That said, the RV will arrive at your doorstep as predicted by many in this community less a firm date for performance.

However the RV delivery truck will not function in say a FEDEX delivery window. There is no tracking number that comes with your bond/currencies investment.

The who, what, when, where, why and how much might also all be skewed factors that play out differently than you’ve heard, depending on who you listen to and believe, but ultimately the world will return to an honest, fair and balanced asset backed financial system operating out of Asia, collateralized with Africa’s minerals, along with military support from Russia, Iranian and Turkey.

It’s safe to believe that you are positioned correctly and properly prepared to capitalize on the opportunity for yourself, family, friends, community, city, country and continent.

This dear Human Angels is an irrefutable fact based on truths that you have earned through faithfully research and diligent following on a continuously basis some for decades, most years and lucky few months and weeks.

So again, do use your best and highest discernment mechanism when reviewing all “current news events” because 99% of what is out there is 100% inaccurate per my own understanding of actually occurring geopolitical events. Also know that all the push back against China and Russia, even Iran, is not all bad.

The eastern world is not the holy end all be all to global governance, and because they are human, they too as attempting to take as big a piece of the global pie before the RV begins and thus are being held in check by benevolent forces to balance out all global power prior to the event.

And when a sustainable balance of power, east and west, has been reached, the RV will be released, not by mandate of Chinese or African elders, or by surrender by the cabal, but by God the Creator Father… who despite infinite mass media and entertainment reporting to the country, still is very much in control of his human flock as their righteous Heavenly Sheppard.

In laymen’s terms don’t panic, get anxious or allow yourself to become angered or disappointed because of timing beyond your control. The Lord has this, He does. Really.

And Mother Earth really has our backs too, and both Divine Father and Divine Mother will continue to protect us all a collectively sacred species, so what’ the point of being anxious or saddened by silly little bond/currencies? There is none.

The event truly is upon us, the moment very near as our destiny’s are irrevoacably set in the Golden Book of Fate.

Thus, the RV release will get here at the perfect time, in the perfect way, at the perfect amount, with the perfect conclusion to your story that launches a heroic beginning to something just as perfect on the other side of all this.

Trust these words as pre-ordained gospel, lay down your swords of righteousness and return to your life less currencies and Zimbabwe bond notes… be grateful and appreciative with all your heart about absolutely everything worthy of praise. Everything else has been handled. Sobeit. Beitso.

Philippians 4:6-8

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Yeshua. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

God is with us