"Final Compromises" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - 1.12.18

Singles day Thursday was for final compromises of the GCR completion.

All lose issues were “suddenly” announced as settled and completed.

The gauntlet has been thrown down by the APTB/NPTB.

Penalties include: Complete collapse of national economies, full disclosure of all war crimes committed against humanity, list of pedophilia names and/or human extra terrestrial agenda sympathizers (aka cabal).

Everyone, everywhere, of every species is being forced to settle long disputed matters. With Life or death as their final choices. No exceptions.

3 different ghost ops are right now circling the streets worldwide.
1) Protect
2) Control
3) Terminate

Meaning, there are multiple elite level special forces teams protecting key individuals and groups, with some ghost teams apprehending and controlling rogue cabal elements during the event and yes there are termination teams ending life with unrestricted approval.

Many such teams can be seen if you know what to look for, as most teams have long been embedded in society just awaiting this moment.

Trump and Netanyahu will fall via resignation almost together. With Israel being dead last. That’s what was negotiated in BiBi’s surrender package.

Palestine will get it’s land, statehood and capital back pre-1967.

North and South Korea will reconcile with China and Russia guaranteeing terms.

The conflicts in Yemen and Ukraine have ended and will be announced.
Special message to ZIM redeemers — take in all of your notes, take whatever you need to accomplish your greatest good and take the scope of your sudden wealth to the grave.

Anonymity and morality are your two greatest protectors moving forward. Not skeleton trust or payout structuring.

Thus, sharing your RV experience, while historic and reason for pride given its abundance, is a very bad idea.

Just due to the sheer volume of your new suddenly wealth that your exchange creates for your family as a security risk (i.e. high valued target).

This new reality will be brand new to 100% of ZIM redeemers. But it is what it is.

Something to think about when you redeem. With more blessing you ask for, the more burden you will receive; and thus the greater increase for personal safety needs.

Unless no one knows. And that’s 100% up you. It’s best for most to remain silent and joyful working in the background.

Again, something to think about other than timing, date and rate. And get your ready bag ready. The launch button is hot for the week’s end.

FYI: The goal for the exchange center planners is to get individual redeemers in and out in less than an hour, once entering the exchange zone.

Security by hard assets include, air coverage and road side checkpoints, and will extend out 10 miles from each exchange zone. And digitally to and from your front door.

Meaning, you’re all safe exchanging. And if you keep your mouth shut, safe thereafter. The choice is yours.

All is well