"Beta/Beta" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 11.01.2018

A prime directive from Alpha Command emanated midnight Wednesday in Beijing.
Handpicked military command generals from all nations were alerted and ordered to have assets ready for full engagement and deployed in 12 hours, which would have been around 11am Tuesday in the United States.
The GESARA release protocol goes as follows for every nation’s elected leader per their own constitution:
Alpha - Standby
Beta - Received
Alpha/Alpha - Engage
Beta/Beta - Conquer
This same protocol is then followed at all participating military bases, call centers and off-site redemption locations by all central commands ultimately responding with the same “beta/beta - conquer.”
Once all redeeming nation’s leaders and the armed forces commanders return in the beta/beta affirmative, global consensus has been achieved, and then Marshall’s are then notified to prepare for the delivery of Matrix Funds Packages, Prosperity Packages and Farmer’s Claims Packages.
Final activation however rests still in Beijing. We believe this is an honorary gesture given to the architect(s) of the GCR/RV master plan. No different than a ribbon cutting.
Once released in China, the much heralded 800#s spit out globally to authorized legal touch points, banking sources and chosen internet providers and/or pre-selected civilians for disbursal.
Redemptions are set to begin immediately upon achievement of all master plan criteria met as to ensure the safe and sustainable release of prosperous and peaceful future for mankind and planet earth.
When this event actually happens is still unknown. There’s is no firm performance window per se regardless of reports. There’s a timelessness to the release design. All go or none go.
Whenever China believes we’re ready to launch as a family of nations, we go. Not before, not after. Perfect timing.
All is well.