Message from the Angels through Ann Albers: Angels love Halloween

In a few days many of you celebrate the holiday of Halloween –  an occasion which has become an opportunity to take what is dark and frightening in life and turn it to light. We love this holiday! It reminds you that life, death, and everything in between are completely defined by how you choose to see them.

You decorate your skeletons and celebrate your spiderwebs! During the rest of the year, these things would be horrifying to most of you! You carve scary faces on your pumpkins, yet if a coworker showed you such a face you might run in disgust! You even dress as the dead or witches, and yet the idea of death or spells would frighten most of you, if it became "real."

What if, throughout the course of your life you saw everything frightening the way you see it on Halloween?

What if you viewed "real" death as just a passing experience to the soul, one in which you emerge into even greater life? 

What if you viewed your spiders as simply sensitive creatures that have no desire to hurt you and only the wish to go about their own business? 

What if, when someone scowls at you and shows you a "scary" face you were to simply look at them with amusement the way you look at your jack o'lanterns?

We hear you! "That's not realistic!" you say. Halloween is just pretend! You are talking about 'real' life!" Dear ones we assure you everything you experience on earth is "just pretend" to your eternal soul! Your bodies are your soul's costumes. Your scary faces are simply carved out upon sensitive souls who forgot. Your scary creatures are just incarnations of the same energy that creates you! Even the most unloving souls are masquerading in a costume that they forgot was a costume, much as if you became so identified with Halloween costume that you forgot who you really are.

Try to remember that this life is a grand game of "just pretend" in which you explore the many aspects of your own soul and learn to fall in love with it all, much as you do on your beautiful celebration of Halloween.

Then you will be able to go through life and witness everything, knowing beneath it all is light and love and nothing can scare or hurt you without energetic permission to do so. Resolve dear ones to look at even the most frightening circumstances on earth and pray to see the love beneath. In this reality, your life becomes a celebration.