Message from the Elders via Galaxygirl, October 16th, 2017

We are the Elders of Earth. We have much news to share with you today. Much is happening behind the scenes and we are not quite at liberty to discuss as of yet, but all will be revealed shortly.
We know that you all are weary of the terms "shortly, soon, imminent" and so forth. And you have every reason to be tired of them. We are as well. This has gone on long enough. The transference of power from the dark to the rightful Gaians is now complete.

It is such a great honor to be present in a body at this most auspicious time in Human history, for surely your history is being rewritten and rediscovered by you all for the first time.
You have been so deceived. It is best not to focus on the pain of this but rather on the purpose and fulfillment of what are you going to do with this information now that you know?

In the beginning - ah, this much used phrase in your holy books - in the beginning Earth was wonderful beyond words, absolute perfection in planetary form.
Earth was an exquisite library of creatures yes, also of knowledge and experience and joy; a learning center of sorts for the cosmos. But you know this already. What you may not know is that we Elders have been with this planetary saga since the beginning, with many of you in various forms.

We have experienced great trials and pain and unbelievable joy in the process. We have been watching you all grow up so beautifully. You are stronger than you know.
Think about it; if you were here in the beginning with us, consider the fact that you may be from other planetary systems not unlike our own, for what is the meaning of "beginning" defined in a universe with no end, in an eternal soul?
So of course, much time in your terms has taken place and therefore much evolution and advancement and of course adventure.

Much adventure awaits you now, ascending ones! It is with great delight that we tell you this and inform you through this channel that all is well. We have for so long been so closed off, meeting in secret, and tight lipped. This is new for us and it is quite liberating!

All is being made new. The Lord of this realm is returning and it is your own god self, your own Christ consciousness. It may not be what traditional religious facets have taught and indoctrinated you all with, and it may be disturbing and enraging to some.
Please focus on the love in our words. You are coming home. Home is within you. It is your god spark within your heart space. Get to know it. Know the depth of power and experience within you.
We have had glimpses on our side and it is most exciting to see what you can and will do.

The Earth and this experience as you know it will change. We count on and rely on you all to help it to be made more smooth of a transition with your soothing energy, hope and love for each other.
Be the best New Gaians you can be, for the universe watches you all with eager anticipation.

Source is here, with us, surrounding you in love light and glory. For this is truly a miraculous and glorious event never to be forgotten.

We are the Elders of Earth. We honor you in your sacred mission.

-- Submitted by galaxygirl