Total Solar Eclipse Across America - August 21, 2017 - This Is The Story of Bliss


Greetings Friends!

I spent yesterday driving to a spot on the Appalachian Trail that is in totality for the Total Solar Eclipse. I am high in these ancient mountains and everything here is a lush green. Many people from all points have gathered here to experience this together. There is a feeling that Grace is with us.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Today is a significant celestial event designed to help Earth and accomplishes many goals as She spirals back to her rightful place in the Milky Way Galaxy. How did Earth fall so far off course? That is a very big story which spans millions of years and several destructions such as the last extraterrestrial impact which sent us into an ice age for 1000 years. Earth’s place as a trade partner between Orion, Pleiades, and Sirius plays a large part of Her importance to those who traveled here as immigrants to capitalize on the people and resources found on this comparatively tiny Planet. This alignment of Earth, Moon and Sun for about two minutes later today strongly effects our human bodies and all DNA within us and in the living cells of everything which is touched by the alignment throughout our Universe. We are all connected.

Galactic Neighboring Stars Visiting Earth Since The Beginning

DNA is an information code and the light from the Sun is an energy which is carried into your body through your crown, eyes, ears, skin and also energetically through your heart which effects your non-local consciousness in significant ways. There is a fundamental morphogenic field which is apparent and spans the Universe. The morphogenic field has an impact on our physical bodies. The genes in our DNA are perfect distribution waves of energy with the ability for self organizing for the purpose of steering our ability to react to the collective emotion on Earth. Recent repeated attacks show us a shift is required now. We turn away from the old paradigm of the few controlling the many and realize it is time to return to the stars.

Our DNA Interacts With The Morphogenic Field Continuously

Eons ago Earth was visited by the Annunaki from Dracos. These reptilian human hybrids were expert in gene splicing. Earth was brought into an extended scientific experiment. The Royal bloodlines located on several stars within Orion also came to Earth to participate in the experiment. Long after the beginning of creation and following the first Atlantean civilization on Earth, Adam and Eve were created as clones of the Royal bloodlines from Dracos, Orion, Sirius and other places within our Solar System. Already these Royal bloodlines had been producing hybrids with the qualities they preferred. Their endeavor in biological perfection by inbreeding created problems they were unable to solve without harvesting DNA from a new source.

Dracos Princess cuddles her baby

A prime issue which was created as a result of this deficiency was an imbalance in their immune systems effecting the production of melatonin and serotonin. This resulted in a problem with relating through emotions as well. They were unable to experience bliss. The sound and light codes which are carried through the heartbeat and translated as codes to the DNA unraveled where before they were tight coils. This resulted in many health issues and aberrancies which are hard to correct. Earth was a logical place to find solutions due to it’s large gold deposits. In an attempt to resolve the glandular imbalances in the reptilian hybrid line, they ingested the gold ormus powder found in abundance within deposits they mined on Earth. This gold ormus added a fire element which was missing in their bodies. The glandular imbalance lead to the thymus shrinking and made it impossible for the song in the heart, the sound codes. to be distributed on to their DNA fully. The result is poor coping in emotional situations and an inability to go within to access bliss making compassion impossible. The big story continued from there and the same star wars then continue today and Earth Beings have little memory of their history and science has been suppressed.

There are 64 Codons forming 20 amino acids in DNA interacting with bliss in the human heart

Present day Earth has on Her a collective force of emotion co-creating together the desire to protect Her water, food sources, animal, plant and all life. Earth Beings have raised their consciousness, thereby their DNA, to endure the shift in paradigm back to the stars. Back to Wholeness with all Life forms in the Universe. The Masters have always said the answers are within. Going into meditation is a way of interacting with the morphogenic field of infinite information in our Universe. We go into the heart to reach the stillness of the Universe we are the center of. This creates a starburst, a sucking of our mass into the center point of infinity right inside our bodies. Those who have lost the glandular source of bliss have nothing to engender star density in their cells. A loss of centering force biologically. They are on a path off Planet Earth onto new worlds to continue their experiment elsewhere.

Our Heart Our Portal To The Stars

Todays Total Solar Eclipse is an orchestrated and fairly rare alignment with the Black Holes found at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, through the opening of the Lion’s Gate which began on August 8, the center of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth aligned with the Black Hole found in the stillness of our infinite heart within our own bodies. A macrocosm aligning with the microcosm to heal all life on Earth. These infinities aligning in congress together end the scientific experiment by empowering us to achieve harmony on our own having shook loose the Archons and the Dragons from where they do not belong. In peaceful alignment nature takes its course and sets Earth to sail in resonance with the heavenly bodies She harmonizes with.

Total Solar Eclipse a Galactic Event

We Are All Going Home

As the alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth occur later today we will have joining the event millions of intergalactic members of our Universe who will interact with the energies which will forever shift Earth into orbit on a correct Path. New timelines. New spacememory. Wherever you are today have a few minutes meditation around the time of alignment. Go first by your imagination into the center of a cell in your body, then into the Sun’s Corona at it’s center. Navigate through the Sun in our Universe to a Sun at the center of your Home Universe. After that, return Home and remember the bliss there. This is how the Sun God’s, those who came to Earth through Her civilization’s developments at Atlantis and Lemuria, at places like Giza and Teotihuacan, first taught Earth’s Beings to go within.

Protecting the Wisdom of The Sun Gods The Ability to Go Home

The Sun God’s will be here with us today. Healing us all. Making the changes necessary to go on to New Earth.

© Elizabeth Trutwin August 21, 2017.