A Message to Lightworkers – Aug 20, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Earth Angels and Co-Creators!

We speak with you today, in this beautiful eclipse moment on your timeline, with joy and anticipation of all that these particular energies are bringing to and drawing forth from your world.

For this is not only a one-day event you are looking forward to now.

The August 21/22 total solar eclipse is a shining moment, a time when a flood of higher energies is being released onto your planet, and will continue to flow in high levels for some time to come.

We do not offer you this information, which most of you are already aware of, to alarm your inner being, as we are aware that many are wondering if their physical cells and mental/emotional bodies are capable of withstanding the powerful, transformative Light data, and still remain intact.


We would say, that if you are upon the Earth at this moment, then you are meant to receive this Light in the highest of ways—to revel in it, to feel the joy of it, and to know you are deserving of the DNA/cellular “upgrades” it brings you.

Your cells are fully able to respond to higher Light codes and energy transmissions independent of your conscious thought.

They do not need you to ask them to do so.

Nor need you wonder whether your current level of spiritual “attainment” is such that the Light would affect you as you dream of: furthering your Ascension into the Lightbody.

We wish to assure you that you are on Earth now to bask in this Light, and to allow it to further re-mind you of who you are—to aid in your continuing re-cognition and re-membering of your higher self and true essence.

Merely open to this. Diving in heart-first to this very conscious Light, full of an Intelligence that your cells will read in natural and joyful ways.

Say to these eclipse energies, “Yes, I wish to remember Who I am, and why I have come to Earth at this time.

“I wish to Ascend to higher dimensional forms of thought, feeling, and being.

“I wish to bathe all my cells—physical, mental, emotional, and etheric—in the higher energies of the Divine Love now drenching the planet.

“And I intend from here on, to define myself as Divine Love itself.”


This is one of the very beautiful moments your spirit has quietly looked forward to for the whole of this life, and many others—particularly those in which you studied the stars and knew of planetary and sun movements, and how each era affected human Ascension and evolvement.

This is a moment in which you begin to see yourself as capable of that which previous to now, you would have called “miracles.”

It a moment in which you begin to recognize members of your soul family more readily, to feel (and eventually, to see) with you in the room your Angelic guardians, your not-currently-incarnate soul family members, your twin flame, and other members of the higher realms.

It is a time in which you reclaim your ability to see energy flowing and moving around people and objects—inwardly at first, perhaps hearing or seeing inner images—and then in time, outwardly as well.

It is a moment in which you begin fully to see that you are a Child of the Most High, who cannot and could never wish harm to any, including yourself. 

And with that newfound knowledge of your own innocence and the purity of the Love that you are, you begin likewise to see others that way, extending compassion and patience for their life paths and current states of consciousness that you never knew was possible.

You begin now to more fully see life as a path on a trajectory into the higher realms, rather than a time of heavy density and enslavement to forces beyond your control.

And you increasingly now recall your co-Creational abilities—much of these are what you have in the past called miracles—as you increasingly regain the knowledge that nothing is solid matter, that all is energy, and that all expressions of energy are but conscious directing or re-directing of energy via intention, expectation, visualization, and expressions of thanks.


From here, dear ones, you are able to revise those areas of your life that have felt stuck or immovable.

You are able to forgive that which once felt unforgivable—for does a powerful Light Being worry that anyone could possibly have an advantage over them, even for a moment?

You are able to restructure and revise that which has felt sad or difficult, defeated or unsolvable.

You are able to re-Create whole aspects of your mind and heart, and your outer life, whether finances, work, home, relationships, inner growth, or community.

And you are able, Commanders and Co-Creators, to remake your world.

So that though you may see great disruptions occurring around you, and even many leaving the planet who it may feel to you ought not to be going at all, understand that these waves which the “resistance” to the Light are trying to create are no more than small ripples in a very great sea.

Most assuredly, they seem to magnify the effects of those ripples by placing them on your television and computer screens at every moment, inflamed by music and expert voiceover and camera work.

But do not give them credit for deciding how you will feel at this moment, dear ones. Only you are in charge of that.


And know that as you step forward now to revise and remake your Earth into the Shining City on a Hill that St Germain and so many envisioned long ago, that you do so with all the power of the heavenly realms behind you.

Here is your solar moment of transfiguration, Earth Angels and Co-Creators!

It has not only come to you; you have stepped forward and come to it.

Namaste, fellow Light Warriors!

Your path of Light is attended by many, and we are, as ever, by your side.
Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan