Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young - 24th November 2021

As you progress along your enlightenment journey, you may find yourself spontaneously entering a shifted space of flow that we call autopilot. This occurs when you have become non-resistant enough to allow your higher self to take the lead. It is always safe to trust this flow because it is being guided by your own innate wisdom.

This is not acting unconsciously but rather instinctively. This starts to occur because of your heightened level of consciousness. You may even find yourself observing the fact that you are an automatic flow. From that space you recognize you do not need to step in and stop it because you know there is something unfolding for your highest good.

You might even find yourself spontaneously preparing for something that you, on a deeper level, have a knowingness is about to occur. It is being aware of your own guidance system taking the wheel and leading you. In this way, you could consider it precognition.

This is just one of the wonderful and magical traits you may start to experience as you begin to discover the gifts of the energies you are shifting into. Pay attention, Dear Ones, as you may start to simply embody abilities that feel both new and matter of fact to you. These are the natural rewards that come from the incredible amount of work you have been doing in your own evolutionary process. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and having fun playing with the new tools and abilities you may discover.

~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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